New to the site just want to say hi

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Hi I'm Bev and I'm 37 Years old.

I have just found out that I have RA and it seems I have had it for some time but not realised originally when I had problems in my 20's that it was this.

They have decided to try me on Methotrexate? I am at the doctors on thur to get my prescription.

I would love to here from anyone who has been on or still are on this medication as I really would like to know what to expect. The Doctor I saw at the hospital kept going on about me feeling sick after taking it? I kind of get the feeling at this is not just one pill either and could be a few to make up the dose, could these be take during the day appose to all together so that it doesn't make me feel as sick if it is going to make me feel this way?

Your experience and knowledge would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Bev

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear your diagnosis but you have found us lot so will be able to gain knowledge, make friends and receive support from us all.

    I do not have RA but OA but many are on metho and will help you with your questions.

    You may be better off posting this on the Living with Arthritis forum as more peeps look in on that zone and the Chitchat zone. I expect people are outside enjoying the balmy evening, which is where I shall be soon as the plants in the garden are crying out for a drink :lol:

    I wish you well with your appointment on Thursday and hope the metho helps you. You can feel nauseous after taking metho as you have been told but people often find out what to eat or when to take it that helps them with this. If taken before bedtime then you at least sleep away a number of hours should you be affected with nausea. Not everyone is, we all react differently to drugs. I expect you mayalso be told about taking folic acid too. Peeps on here have hints about when to take that as well.

    Hope to see you posting on the LWA forum,

    Elna x
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    Hi Bev

    Get yourself over to the LWA forum and you can pop the question on there.

    Lots of guys are on MTX and they take varying doses. Its a long term thing. Have you got folic acid to to go with it?

    Some feel sick on it - others dont I hope you are one who doesnt.

    Those who do can also feel ok once they get used to it :)

    Hey sorry

    Welcome from me :D


    Toni xx
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    Hi Bev
    A very warm welcome from me, the people on here are so supportive and friendly you wont want to leave.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon.
    Barbara x
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    Just wanted to say hi, can't help with RA as I have OA, hope you have a lovely weekend

    Best wishes

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    Hi Bev and welcome from me too - a fellow RA'er.

    I am sorry about your diagnosis - but you will find lots of support and information here. I'm quite a newbie on the forums too and everyone is so friendly and helpful. As the other peeps have said, the LWA forum is the best place to post - and there have been a number of posts on there about Methotrexate recently which you might find helpful. Also, I think you will find some information about Methotrexate on the "publications and resources" section of this site. The "Arthritis Reasearch Campaign" website is also a good source of factual info both about RA and about Methotrexate.

    For a bit of light relief, you might like to pop into the "chit-chat" forum - can recommend the "cafe" thread for great cakes and great chat!

    Love Tilly x[/i]
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    moongazer wrote:
    Just wanted to say hi, can't help with RA as I have OA, hope you have a lovely weekend

    Best wishes


    Dear All who replied to my post

    It was lovely to hear back from you all, i will try the other forum as suggested by a few of you all your help and advice is much appreciated.

    Hope you all had a lovely weekend, the weather was fantastic in Carlisle, Cumbria.
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    Welcome to the forum, you will get lots of support and advice from the lovely people on here. MethX is one of the few drugs that I don't take, but others will certainly help and share their experiences on the living with arthritis form.
    Take care, XXXX Bubbles

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