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I was in a head on car accident last year (not my fault I hasten to add) which resulted in injury to my right hip, knee, shoulder and wrist. After seeing the ortho consultant I was told I had OA in my hip and the obvious was stated 'that the accident could not cause OA' - I am not stupid enough to think it would have been!! However, my hip has gone from moderate OA to severe and a place on the hip replacement list in less than 12 months.

I feel that the accident has accelerated/exarcerbated the OA as I took the full impact on my right side - particularly my leg.

Can anyone help with info, tips etc. I take 200mg tramadol twice a day and 'top up' with co-codamol 30/500 - still the pain not controlled. I can't take the likes of ibuprofen :(



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    hi can not help but wanted to say hi and send hugs sounds very painfull and depressing all that unending pain
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    Hi Sylvia,

    welcome to the forum.

    I'm sorry you are suffering so much.

    OA can develop in joints that are worn out or have been damaged by injury or deformity. It can also progress at variable rates. My OA in my second hip developed to final stage arthritis literally in months ...
    You said you can't take iboprufen but there are lots of other anti-inflammatories that can be taken with a stomach protector which would help - what does your GP say?

    I use wheatie heat bags a lot and some folks find ice/cool packs work for them.

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    Hi Sylvia, O/A sure is a pain in the butt.. :lol: that was meant to lmake you smile... I'm sorry you are in pain... but as posted O/A has its own agenda and progresses at its own pace, my own hip went from tolerable no pain relief to grinding bone on bone within 4mths, it really was that quick , then I waited 4 months for the surgery on anti-inflamms and painkillers... but honestly the last 6mths was very painfull and not controlled..

    I hope you don't have to wait too long,...
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    Hi Sylvia

    Good to meet you.

    I hope you find the forums useful and supportive while you wait for your hip reaplacement.

    I dont know if injuries can exacerbate OA, but think I would cehck it out with my specialist If I were you. Sory I am not much help, but with you in spirit

    You take care

    Love Toni xx
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    I had OA in hips and spine...then a car reversed knocked me down and went over my ankle. I've got a plate, screws and pins in that ankle now.....and have now been diagnosed with arthritis in was perfectly OK before!!!!!!!! I was sent home with a zimmer frame and told not to put any weight at all on my left foot.....whats the point of the zimmer.????? You use the zimmer then hop, zimmer then hop etc etc.....I've now just had a THR and I'm sure that speeded up the OA in that hip but it hasnt been recognised!!!!!! Although I've claimed against the man for the OA in my ankle, the money lost through lack of work {both of us} etc and have received compensation.

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