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:x I logged on today to see what was being said about above subject. I have always been against scroungers receiving what they are not entitled to. The new government say they will protect people despite it seems every claimant having to undergo a medical regardless of their condition. I have suffered various forms arthritis since 1985. In the last 3 years my condition has got worse due to related kidney problems stopping my ability to use anti inflamms. Yet i fear this government will yet again make life worse for me. :x The singer.[/u]


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    Hi singer,
    Yes, there are one or two posts about this, keeping those disability claimants in a nether world of self doubt and suspicion from others. There have only been, so far, general announcements and statements of intent, no hard 'how we will do this' facts. I suspect that the logics of putting a large number through a medical will be a challenging business in terms of time and effort.

    8) Its a grin, honest!
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    Let's hope they see sense eh?

    Think there is a press release link on chit chat DWP thread.


    Try not to worry - it doesnt help.


    Toni xx

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