It never rains ...

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Hi Del what's SWMBO or whatever it is??


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    She Who Must Be Obeyed :) See, Del, I do listen!

    Are you feeling better, Del? What's your meeting about?

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    You are the Guardian of the Loo Chair?? :lol::lol:


    Hope you are feeling mighty better for the meeting.

    Carol :lol:
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    that not nice for you hope things stay ok for meeting del
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    Ok then Del,

    isn't that the third thing - being a mushroom, trots and now this new rash thing...??

    Have you cooled skin with ice packs/immersed in cold water to calm itching?

    Hope lotions and potions act fast.

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    Do you know what the rash is? Is it the weather doing it to you?

    I hope you get better soon Del, a rash in this weather is no fun is it?
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    The old Ho Chi Minh two step eh, maybe if you had some plaster of paris that might bung you up!? :mrgreen: