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I have RA and have been on methatrexate for eight weeks which is not helping, if anything my symptoms are getting worse. I have been told that I need to give it a full 12 weeks which is fair enough. I noticed about a week ago that my ankles are now swollen, and pain full does any one else have this. Not sure whether it is the RA, the medication or something else. Any one got any advice.


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    Mighty Mam

    I am the same and I suspect it is just the Arthritis and not the Methotrexate.

    I have been taking Methotrexate for about 12 weeks now having built up to taking 20mg.

    Over the last week or so I THINK that my left elbow has improved as it no longer has a squishy golf ball stuck on the end however my ankles, back of heels, toes and balls of my feet still swell up terribly. I find one of those wheat bags in the microwave help the pain a wee bit.

    Keep us updated meantime I hope you find some relief soon.
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    I get swollen ankles every time the weather gets hot, been getting it for years, long before I was on Metho.

    Not quite sure what is happening now as only the left one has swollen!

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    I have fat ankles, the right has more fluid on it than the left. It's the arthritis, despite the meth and anti TNF that I take. It's fighting back! DD

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