Stating the Obvious

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I know we English are supposed to talk about the weather a lot, but HOW many times in the past week has someone said "Phew, it's hot!" to me and then rolled their eyes???

I got to thinking about other obvious things we all say:

- Are you home? (when someone comes home - my mum always used to say this)

- Can I ask you a question? (Erm... you already did, but you can ask me another one?)

- Are you asleep? (when would someone reply yes to this?)

- He'll not get there any faster! (when someone overtook my on any motorway I travelled on with my gran - erm, I think you'll find they WILL, gran!)

- Nina, how short is that skirt? (blokes at work - do you want a measurement?!)

Can you think of any others?



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    Does my bum look big in this? ( and heaven help anyone who says yes :!: :shock: :shock: )
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    Be careful don't fall off that ladder.

    As if anyone deliberately would. DD
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    Hi Nina,

    The most annoying for me is:-

    Did you hurt your self...... no I roll about, jump up and down, use inappropriate words cus its a giant tick! xx
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    do you need any bags...says check out assisstant....
    well no, i will carry the lot in my arms!
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    the one i get all the time at work from the children when i'm doing the craft is:

    what are you doing?

    my responses tend to be along the lines of (depending on the age and humour of the child)

    what do you think i'm doing? in which they tell me exactly what i'm doing, i then respond with well if you knew why did you ask?

    or i respond with

    riding a bike! this answer either gets a kind of 'haha' look from the child or they'll say 'no your not your...(and they then tell me what i'm doing).

    obvious labelling also makes me laugh. me and my housemate had a picnic on friday night, i got a range of food together including some hard boiled eggs. read the allergy alert label on it afterwards and it said 'contains egg' i just thought 'really well i never expected that one!'
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    Nina I am guilty of all of these. I also always call out Is that you when I hear a noise.
    Oh dear....

  • tkachev
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    delboy wrote:
    Have you got the correct time?

    Is anyone sitting there when pointing to an empty seat.

    and someones sitting here when you sit on an empty seat. Have to think up a suitable reply for this one....

  • joanlawson
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    When people say,''to be honest''. What does that mean? Does it mean that they are usually dishonest?
  • ninakang
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    Can I be frank?

    Yes, if I can be Jeremy :)

    A suitable reply to "Is anyone sitting there?" Whilst pointing to an empty seat could be

    "Actually yes, and I would appreciate you addressing my imaginary friend, Kevin, directly in future" - cue lots of twiching and talking to Kevin.

  • snowball
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    When my mum phones me at home and says "are you in ?" :roll:

  • trisher
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    Are you listening when you are reading.

    Does it hurt....When I have been in hospital after a big 6 hour op
  • livinglegend
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    Typical Questions (and the Answers that I use).

    Q. What is it like outside?

    A. It's big.

    Q. Can you hear me?

    A. No.

    Q. Is it that time already?

    A. No, its much later.

    Caller. (on phone) Hi, it's me.

    A. No it isn't, it's someone else.

    Joseph 8)