Spies like us!

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What's gone wrong with spying these day's for god sake, I mean I can't take the US FBI/CIA story that's on the news, one moment they use £10 million to poison a pain in the asre who lived in London with a 3 man hit KGB death squad who effectivly boiled internals with Polonium next thing some dumb twerps are sending stuff by wifi while in bloody starbucks stuff that can be found on bloody Google by anyone with half a brain cell!.


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    babycham wrote:
    :) Hi Mel do you mean .Alexanda Litvinlenko the guy killed by the k g b I remember that it was awqfull.. then there was the guy before Boris something or other the one jabbed with the umbrella makes you think ....

    Yeah that's the chap, I know some of the health Physics chaps that were on it I tell you they fried the poor old bugger, it was done to send a strong message to those woh were/are against the new ruling elite, a bloody dangerous way to do it as it didn't just get him,I worked with the stuff and it's a right pig to clean up and or contain it gasses off at room temp so is very mobile and Bold or cillit bang wont shift it so Barry Scott is of no use on this one!!.
    The other guy was George Mrcov got stabed with a umberella containing a pellet with ricin in it, that will do it!.