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Just joined yesterday and got some excellent advice on MX from the 'living with arthritis forum'

Just finding my way round and will certainly be looking in most days. Compared with others I would suggest my RA is mild to moderate and has more or less been in remission for several years but has decided to return starting off with a ruptured bakers cyst.

This wasn't too bad in itself but being treated for a possible blood clot in the leg wasn't the best. Don't know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Enough for now best regards to all :)


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    hi there, like the picture.
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    Hello Willian

    Very pleased to meet you - welcome to teh forums from me.

    I personally haven't had a baker's cyst (hope I dont get one :shock: ) but IO know a few on her have.

    I hope you find the forums helpful


    Toni xx
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    Hello William - and welcome from me too!

    If you post your "bakers cyst" question on the Livinig with Arthritis forum, you may well find that someone else has had the same thing.

    Look forward to seeing you posting - you will get lots of support and good advice here!

    Love Tilly x
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    hi william welcome from me as well can not help with cyst as not had one glad to say does not sound nice at all call in cafe on chit chat any time or join the cruise we bit mad but having a laugh helps val