JIA related Uveitis in a 4 year old.

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Hi everybody,
I'd really like to know if anybody has a child with arthritis who has also had Uveitis?
My 4 yeaar old daughter went for her routine eye screening yesterday and we were told she has it in both her eyes and has been started on hourly steroid eye drops. We've to go back next week for review and revise meds accordingly.
Currently terrified of the consequences and the long treatment it's going to take to shift it, I would love to hear from anyone who has already been there.
My daughter was diagnosed with JIA at the age of two and is cared for brilliantly by a great paediatric rheumatology team. We also now have a Uveitis nurse! Last joint injection was almost two weeks ago, so she seems fine at the mo, but the hidden dangers behind the eyes have just come to light.
I'd be really grateful if anybody can offer any advice or the benefit of their experience.


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    Hi Sam

    I'm sorry I cannot help you with this problem but wanted to say it is the weekend so it is quiet on here. You may get a response during the week.

    Have you thought about asking the Helpline Team? They are very good and understanding also they might beable to send some leaflets for you to read.

    I do hope that your little girl gets on alright.

    Love Trish xxx
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    I'm sorry that you are having such a worrying time at the moment.

    I agree with Trisher's advice.

    I would also add that the RNIB are a good source of information and support for eye conditions;

    RNIB Helpline
    Tel: 0303 123 9999
    Email: helpline@rnib.org.uk

    Info on the condition http://www.rnib.org.uk/eyehealth/eyeconditions/eyeconditionsoz/Pages/uveitis.aspx

    There is also a similiar organisation for children - NBCS, who might be helpful to google and contact.

    In these situations, like you, I find information and knowledge helps us cope and deal with the situation we are facing. S has epilepsy, IBS and constipation and I am now an "expert" in these conditions ....

    Take care and keep us posted,

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    Thank you both for your replies and support.