can't stop worrying

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hi i know that you have plenty of threads on methotrexate but now jordan is on it i cant stop worrying i have been up most of the night wondering if i have made the right desision maybe it was to soon .how long on average are people on this drug :?: or is it very long term. I suppose up until now i thought that this was something that would just go away and now it has hit me like a slap on the face my son has jia not just abit of imflamation. The consultant was so nice to him and the specialist nurse was good but like everything else you just don't know what to ask or say.


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    Hi there,

    I can appreciate that this is a very concerning time for you. Essentially you have been guided by the paediatric rheumatologist. They won't have recommended methotrexate (mtx) unless they thought it appropriate.

    Yes it tends to be a long-term treatment, but you can ask what the criteria are for keeping child on it and taking them off it. Ie what blood results and symptoms are being monitored, and what kind of results would be targets in the treatment.

    If you'd like a chat about what's happening and how you feel, do ring our freephone.

    I wonder whether we've sent you a pack of information yet? If not please email [email protected] and give the age and diagnosis of Jordan.

    I hope that helps

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    not butting in but if you can stop damage happening the better for his joints i know it not nice but the damage would be far worse if nothing done not to mention the pain. i feel for you as any parent would rather have the pain them selves than see there children go through it but if they say he needs it trust them but do not worry about asking questions so you know the decisions are the right ones val
    leaving hugs for you good luck hope it works
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    thanks so much for the info pack jordan and myself have started reading the materials sent and these are proving to be very useful to us 8) .We are both feeling more positive now and have decided to take on one day at a time facing challenges as they happen knowing that we have the support from this web site is fab keep up the good work .

    jenny and jordan
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    Hi Jenny,

    I wish I could help but think the info is such a good idea. the more you understand stuff often the better you can deal with it.

    I also have mtx and its been a very good drug for me so fingers crossed for you and Jordan. Leaving you a ((( ))) and a hole heap of hopes. Cris x
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    Hi Just to send you lots of hugs (((((())))) you worry so much about your children, and then you have this on top, I do hope you will worry a little less when you have read up on it, I really hope it works for jordan, and that you see a difference very soon.
    Let us know how he gets on.
    Barbara xx