Unsympathetic Boss!

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Hi ya

I was just diagnosed yesterday with inflammatory arthritis & have had yesterday & today off work as I can hardly walk. I rang them this morning to fill them in with what was happening, which I thought was the right thing to do. Their reply was, 'you've only 1 more sick day entitlement this year'. I just said 'oh well, thats tough on me then! You can't help what life throws at you & if I could walk, I would have been there today'.

I've worked for these people for 10 years & thats the way you get treated! If I didn't need the money I woud leave them to it........

Louise :cry:


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    Oh really, thank you so much for that. Really appreciate it. Look forward to saying it to them. :D
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    Might be worth also ringing the Arthritis Care helplines people tomorrow and chatting to them.

    they may well have info to help you on this part of the arthritis struggle.

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    Hi Louise sorry to hear your boss is being an @rse Del and Wonky have given you some good advice, hope your feeling better soon.

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    Hi Louise
    Do you have the same manager as me? Oh I suppose there are a lot of them about.
    My company only pays 3 days per year company sick pay, is that what your employer means? the rest is SSP which is what everyone gets and if you have a sick note an there is not a lot the company can do about it, until obviously if you have been on long term sick then its a differenct matter, but thats months away.
    They cant stop you being off sick.
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    Thank you so much for all your help. I've taken note & I refuse to let them treat me like rubbish.

    Denise, yes that's what they mean. They will only pay 1 more day for sick leave otherwise i'll be on ssp. I doubt I can do anything about that as it's company policy to only give full pay for 10 days per year.

    They way they speak to you is like you've just made up an illness off the top of your head.........

    Thanks again everyone for some fab advice

    Lou :D
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    do not let them get to you arthritus hurts we all know so do not let them push you in to going back till you and your gp think you are ready i am lucky only do 4 hours a day and boss lets me sit if need to when bad so only been off one day. but look after yourself the meds will work but do take up to three months good luck val
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    big employers, small employers ..... they seem to ignore odd days fit people have as a skive and genuine sick,even covered by sick notes they dont seem bothered about, just want you in work. i have been there, threats even with sick notes etc -
    they the bosses need to be accountable
    law on your side, you need to educate yourself and have some one liners to throw back etc.
    all contradicts getting long term sick off benefits into work doesnt it,if employers treat sick people badly!
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    Do you have a union at your place of work?, if so join it ASAP.
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    I have had to fight for my rights at work( but have always won in the end.. :lol: )
    Soooo.....I suggest you ring the local jobcentre for a chat with the disability advisor. They will give you loads of info on DDA ( which your condition comes under)
    When you feel better( dont go in till you do)go in work, hold your head up high and ask for a meeting with your line Manager or HR.
    Talk through all the info you have , tell them you feel un supportvive at work and ask to have reasonable adjustments put in place for you under this law...HR will know what your talking about....
    I have RA and some of my adjustments are
    Adapted chair
    More breaks( on bad days)
    time off when needed( not always with pay but at least i dont have to worry when im bad!)....
    Only you will know what suits you....
    I had lots of problems with my boss untill she realised SHE could get sacked ....Let me know how you get on...Kay xx