Marmite for folic acid?

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Has anyone who's child is on methotrexate noticed a decrease in stomach symptoms if they eat a lot of marmite?

It's entirely anecodotal and possibly coincidental but while my daughter has on methotrexate the weeks she'd been eating a lot of marmite were always easier than the weeks she hadn't.

As Marmite is folate rich it should have the same effect as the folic acid supplements, I haven't checked the active amounts to see if there could be a realistic effect - a proper scientist would do that I suppose!

But I thought I'd pass on my personal experience as I've realised there are a lot of MTX and folic acid takers out there and if they like marmite having a marmite sarnie or marmite on toast is much better than feeling sick! Let me know if it works!



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    Thanks for this will pass onto my dad to see if it's the same for him but Kayleigh doesn't like marmite so will never know for her lol.
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    Hi Andy,

    evidently, Marmite contains -folic acid - per 4g adult serving - 100.0μg (50.0% RDA). So interesting point. Just need to watch the salt content.

    So a generous helping on a couple of slices of toast would be the daily recommended dose for an adult ... how much folic acid is in her tablets?

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    I think every little bit helps but its such a small amount of folic acid I'm not sure how much difference it would have.
    I think marmite is a great thing for settling stomachs tho (obviously only if you like it) , when I was pregnant it was the only thing that got rid of my morning sickness and apparently this is very common.

    To be honest whatever makes them feel better on the rough days can't be bad :)
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    Hi andylambs, this post has nothing to do with marmite and everything to do with wishing Philippa well today at her new school.
    I hope she enjoys it and makes a friend or two today. DD
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    Interesting, have had a painful day today and taken my MTX poison today as well ( I split it over 2 days on rheumatologist's advice). Couldn't face any proper dinner, so I have just had marmite on toast. I tend to eat a lot of marmite, definite comfort food for me, but interesting that it is so rich in folic acid.