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Hi. I'm new to this. My doctor seems a bit confused about what is wrong with me as my symptoms only flare up occasionally. When I am worried or nervous my fingers swell up and look like sausages, my knees and ankles are very stiff and painful and the bottom of my back gets very stiff. Any ideas?


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    Hello Flossy46,

    Welcome to the forum, as I’m sure you are finding, there is a great online community here, so take advantage of all the information and support available.

    The time between diagnosis can be particularly confusing and frustrating, however I’m afraid here at the helplines we are not medically trained so cannot diagnose. A doctor will usually diagnose you by clinical examination, x-rays and blood tests to rule out inflammatory conditions, however if this does not provide any answers, you may like to ask for a referral to rheumatologist, who is a specialist in the field. To understand further how the different conditions are diagnosed you may find reading our booklet ‘Understanding Arthritis’ useful:

    I hope that helps, however during this difficult time remember you can always call us on our confidential free phone helpline for a more detailed discussion.

    Best Wishes
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    thanks. been to the docs again today. not mine unfortunately but he did give me some different tablets which i hope will help. don't want another night like last night.