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hi im denise retired 67yrs old
im new to forums aswell as osteoarthritis.
joined bonesmart forum in june after being diagnosed and offerred a hip replacement should have had it on july 13th but cancelled 4weeks ago.
gone through shock ,tears,depression,and finally acceptance of my gammy hip.
ive joined this forum looking for help to live with my gammy hip but realise i may need replacement in the future.
fortunately i have no pain as yet just discomfort after use.
i am so optomistic about the news re stemcells.
i can remember the pain and finally the death of my father in 1990 after a life time suffering duodenal ulcers. today the cure is so simple.


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    hi denise welcome i am 49 have inflimation arthritus and ostio arther. but meds are helping quite a few people on here had ops so will be able to help you through all the ups and downs call in cafe on chit chat when ever you just need to natter or hug val :D
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    Hi Denise - and welcome to the forum.

    Sorry about what you are going through but glad you have found us. You will find lots of support on here from others who have similar problems. "Living with Arthritis" forum is the best place to post arthritis related questions because we all look on there regularly. And, as Val says, there is lots of light hearted relief on the "chit-chat" forum - including the cafe, so do drop in - you will be very welcome.
    Love Tilly x
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    Hi Denise

    A warm welcome from me.

    You could not have picked a nicer site than this, the people are very friendley. We all try to support one another with advice.

    You will also find before long you will have made friends on here.

    You can always ask questions we mostly use the LWA Forum to do that and there is also the Helpline Team they are so nice as well.

    There is also the CChat Forum where we go to relax there is a cafe there where you can come and have a cuppa. You can also talk about your hip we will not mind. :D Wherever you feel comfortable.

    Well, Denise, hope to see you posting soon

    Love Trish xxx
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    Hello Denise

    Welcome to the forums from me too :D

    Sorry you have a 'gammy' hip. Let's hope you feel more confidant about furure surgery when you see all those on here who have done it :) Successfully.

    How right you are about medical progress - those stem cells maybe they will save you form the opp after all :wink:


    Toni xx
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    Hello Denise and welcome to the forum
    I am 60 and waiting ti have my hip replaced, so I know some of what you are going through, to be honest I am terrified, but the lovely people on this forum are helping me through it.
    You stay with us, and you will get all the support you need.
    Barbara xx
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    thank you so much for your welcome.
    ive only just read them as im learning how to manage forums and will certainly find the cafe after posting this.
    sounds like a wonderful friendly site x
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    So embarrassed I said hello to you twice!!!

    Once on here and once on LWA :oops:

    Love Toni xx
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    Hi hopeful, yes we are friendly, but you will find us most often on the LWA and CC forums, so plunge in with your views on any debate or daft thing that's going! Dreamdaisy