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i have just been diagnosed wiv R.A. So life is not great a mo, i have it in every joint, i have good days and really bad days. life has just stopped, i came on so fast i havnt had time to get my head round it, i hope my life will get better, im to young to be house bound

help mel :cry:


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    Hi Mel

    First of all, welcome to the forum and you have found the right place as we all have some kind of arthritis, of which there are many, to a greater or lesser degree, all ages here too.

    It is a great shock to get a diagnosis and to be in pain, as you say, it can vary from day to day so one has to begin to not think too far ahead. Life will get better though, we have to learn to adapt. Do please join us on the Living with Arthritis forum or any of the others, have a look around and see see what suits you. This is more of an introduction zone so not so many of us look in here.

    Do ask any questions you wish and we all try to support and help each other as much as we can. I have been on this forum for around 3 years so that shows it is a great place!

    Look forward to seeing your name dotted around the forum,

    Look after yourself,
    Elna x
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    Hello - and welcome from me too.

    So sorry about your diagnosis - but glad you have found us because you will get lots of help and support from people who know what you're going through. I know from my own RA experience that it probably feels at the moment as if your world has ended. But hang in there and, with good meds and the support of others you will hopefully find that things do become easier to cope with over time. And I hope that you have, by now, started some medication which will give you some relief (although you will have to be patient because they do take time to kick in). And please do post on Living with Arthritis with any specific questions - or just an update on how you are doing. And do join in on the "chit-chat" forum for light relief. You will be made very welcome. We're here to listen and support you as much as we can through this difficult time.

    Thinking of you,

    Love TIlly x

    help mel :cry:[/quote]
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    Hi Mel

    Oh no!!!

    Dont panic1 It came on really quick with me too - well scary eh?

    I dont know how far you are down the road sorting out meds etc, but once they are sorted you will feel abit more in control of it all. Life DOES go on...not the same, but definitely ok :)

    Main thing I think is - keep talking and reading reputable information. Talking on here is way the best thing - theses guys about saved my sanity while i went through every emotion there is in the book!!

    I cried for weeks every day all day and Elna dried a fair few of my tears and then set me off again being NICE!!!

    Anything I can do let me know - other than that you are so wlecome to join in anywhere you like - we are really friendly and usually up for a laugh, support or a discussion.

    Hope you start to feel more yourself soon


    Toni xx