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I just wanted to say hello, I have been diagnosed with RA since I was 20 I am now 37. I have been under various consultants but have been reluctant to take medication, unfortunately this winter I suffered really badly and the last few months have been having lots of flare ups and fatigue. I am a mum and housewife but find by 7pm on a Friday for a few weeks now I have had to go to bed. My joints are swelling and showing redness which I haven't suffered from before.

I have been to the GPs today to be referred to my local hospital and have to wait until October for an appt but I am trying to find out if anyone has any experience of Dr Robin Withrington at East Kent Hospitals NHS. Where would I post this?
thank you



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    Hi Jenfa

    Sorry to hear you are in so much pain and having to wait until October for a hospital appointment.
    I would post onto the Living with Arthritis forum for info on the Dr and Hospital you are looking for.
    Take care
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    thanks Cath I will do, nice to meet you
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    Hi jenfa :D

    can't answer your question about docs but wanted to welcome you to the forum!

    sorry your arther is causing you so much pain and hope your GP can give you effective pain relief until you see rheummy in October.

    nice to meet you! hope we'll see you posting around the forms soon.

    Iris xx
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    Hi Iris
    thanks for your welcome note

    it is time I started facing up to my condition and accept it rather than fight it so I am sure I will be asking you guys lots and lots of questions!

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    Hi Jen and welcome
    You have come to the right place, everyone is so supportive and friendly, hopefully you will stay with us.
    We have chit chat , and a cafe with calorie free food, any questions post them on LWA.
    Take care
    Love Barbara x