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Hi all
anyone else with osteo arthur in both hips/schlerotic changes and osteophytes i get terrible muscle cramps in their calves,Reason I ask i have never had cramp before but now I seem to get them too regular but when I do the calve muscle hurts for hours sometimes days .
The calves and thigh muscles now cause me discomfort when walking
I get tingling in both big toes and strange feelings in my left heel/ankle.
My back at the bottom seems to give me discomfort I am getting headaches and terrible nightsweats and a feeling feverish at times during the day.
Whats going on HELP
Mad Mad Mad Mad


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    Hi anglerman :D

    I have PA but recognise some of what you describe from when I had problems with arther in my back....it caused pressure on the nerves that 'serve' the legs resulting in pain across the back and down the leg, tingling and numbness and cramps in the calf muscles.

    I didn't have the night sweats or feverishness but severe pain and arther 'flares' can cause these symptoms.

    You really really need to see your docs..only the doc will be able to tell you what's causing this or refer you for investigation.

    not to worry you.. but you may require some urgent treatment if there is nerve impingement.

    please phone your doc first thing anglerman or phone nhs24 for their advice if the pain and symptoms are as severe tonight.

    so sorry you're having such a bad time. :(

    gentle (((hugs)))

    Iris xx
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    Dear Anglerman,
    I am sorry to hear of the pain and discomfort you are experiencing, as pointed out by Dorcas, as you are experiencing these as new symptoms it would going to see your doctor to investigate this.

    When you are experiencing muscle cramp, you may find it soothing to put a warm pack on the area affected.

    Best Wishes