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morning everyone, just thought i'd let everyone who read my post on my daughter the latest news.. so it been decided to put lucy back on steriods as we need to treat her now and worry about the other stuff later. she goes in on mon 26th july for a three day stint of methaprednisilone ( iv steriods) comes out on wed 27th july she will have her last dose of abatercept iv as well on monday. then go back on oral steriods. so thats where we are at. lucys okay she just takes everything as it comes. best wishes to you all.


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    Good luck hun hugs. I'm surprised they are keeping her in to give her the steroid pulse, when Kayleigh has had it (twice now) they've let us home inbetween just strapped up her hand but kept the venflon in so we didn't have to hang around the hossie for 3 days.

    I hope you see some light soon and she starts getting some relief from the pain hugs

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    thankyou, because lucy had such a severe reaction to infliximab (i very nearly lost her) they dont want to take any chances she has had this drip before, but lucy had been on infliximab for sometime before she had a reaction (i think it was about her 5th or 6th dose ) extremly rare to have a reaction after been on it for sometime they just like to keep an eye on her, better safe than sorry, even though they are not the same drug, i dont mind because at least she is in safe hands. best wishes to you and yur family. let you know how we get on.
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    Thanks for the update. Hope things work out well and you see a positive improvement.
    Look forward to reading good news from you. xxx
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    just to say hope it goes smoothly for you both good luck val
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    Hello Sarah

    I have just been reading your very moving first posting about Lucy. I do hope she goes on OK with her treatment this week and, as one of the other peeps said, there are new developments in inflammatory arthritis drugs all the time, and I really hope the doctors find a treatment that works for her.

    Please keep posting and look after yourself too.

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    Just to say I hope Lucy's hospital stay has been successful and not too much of an ordeal. I can't believe how much you have had to go through. Let us know how things have gone. Lucy

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