advice about my son and JA

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my 12 yr old has just found he has JA, we are gutted.

after fluid drained and steroid injections last week and on PIROXICAM (feldene) anti inflammatory's, dihydracodeine and paracetomol, he is doing really well. infact he walks without limping, goes upstairs normally, and is almost painfree! in less than a week,

being new to this we are happy but need reassurance that this kind of change is normal??? will it last?? can steroids and tablets work this quickly?
sorry for lots of questions, but its almost too good to be true.
thanks for reading
clare x


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    Cannot help with your questions sorry but just popped in to say hi and welcome to the Forums.
    The helpline are very good and will help you they will answer you soon

    Take care
    Trish xxxx
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    Hi clare and welcome to the forum
    I am sure the helpline will be along shortly, you can also post on the young peoples forum there are lots of parents on with children , and they will give you lots of support.
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Clare

    Thanks for your posting. I'm really sorry to hear that your son has JA.

    It is possible for the drugs to work quickly and in your sons case it seems that this is happening. Steroids usually have a very powerful anti-inflammatory effect and start working within hours or within a couple of days at the latest. If it seems to be working well the injection may be repeated every 3-4 months. As you mention Piroxicam is a NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drug) and is used to reduce pain,stiffness and inflammation. It can offer pain relief 3-4 hours after being taken and from 2-4 weeks for its full effect to develop.

    For more information on steroid injections you can go to

    It's also very important that your son is monitored on a regular basis regarding the effictiveness of the different medications and for any possible side effects. Is your son seeing a pediatric rheumatologist,as this would be the best person to advise and monitor your sons condition?

    We also have a useful booklet called 'Chat', a guide for parents who have a child with arthritis. You can see this at

    If you would like to have a chat about your sons condition you are welcome to call our Young Peoples helpline , the Source on 0808 808 2000 (M-F 10-4).

    I hope this informaton is useful to you.


    Helplines worker
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    thank you for the replies,

    tom is under a childrens rheumatologist, we are seeing him again tomorrow, he has had a mild fever today and neck and ankle pain but not as bad as it was before the injections and medication.

    after reading through lots of posts on here it has become apparent that everyones experience is personal to them. as we are at the beginning of our journey i suppose it is normal to feel up and down emotionally, toms is 13 next week and wanted to do something active like paintballing, but he isnt up to it now. as his mum it breaks my heart to watch such a gentle, loving and brave boy have to cope with this illness. he is frightened he will end up in a wheelchair but we have focused on being positive.
    thanks for your support. clare x