Great day shopping

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Hi, it is not often that I enjoy shopping, but we went to the shops to get Malcolm a new suit, we managed to get one in the sale for less than £50, we didn't know there was a sale on, why is it that mens clothes, hair cuts etc are cheaper than womens? at least we saved some money love Jaspercatxx


  • valval
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    well what you save on his you can spend on yourself :D:D:D:D:D:D val
  • trisher
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    Hi Jaspercat

    Vals right if Malcom clothes and hair cuts are cheaper the more money you have left for you.

    Glad you enjoyed your shopping day though

    Love Trish xxx
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    I agree about the haircuts. The difference in cost is vast.

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    Oh Jasper
    I love a bargain, like val says, spend what you saved on yourself.
    There are lots of sales on at the min :)
    Barbara x
  • joanlawson
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    It's great when you get a bargain, isn't it? I managed to buy four things in M&S sale the other day, and all were less than half price. I honestly didn't need any more clothes, but I can't resist a bargain.
  • frogmorton
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    Haircut for me and Lucy tomorrwo (the other two another day)

    Gonna cost a fortune :roll:

    Lucky men eh?

    Jaspercat well - done for your bargains and yes

    Spend the savings on YOU :wink:


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
  • oneday
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    perhaps we should have a womens lib rebellion and buy mens cheap clothes and go in barbers and say i want a mans style at mans prices.
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    When I went thro what my mother was pleased to call my 'lesbian' phase (it wasn't, it was a post-divorce phase, different beast altogether) I wore men's shirts and went to a barbers, the latter because the hair (at that time) was a Grade 4 all over. The hair is now longer so I have to spend about £20 to get it cut. Ludicrous on the surface perhaps, but my hairdresser sees me once every 6-8 weeks, so it isn't that expensive. I used to tutor her son: £18.50 every week. There is a difference. I don't bother with having it dyed - a) it would look wrong and b) the cost! My cleaner (whom I adore) regularly spends £90 plus on her thatch. Ye Gods! Sometimes she can't afford to eat but will happily spend that amount of money on her hair. And it doesn't even look that good.

    Men's shirts? Still wear 'em from time to time. Very comfortable they are too. DD
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