Can anyone answer my question?

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Hi Angilee
Sorry I can't help with your question - I have Rheumatoid Arthritis - but just wanted to say welcome to the forums and hope you get the help you need. I'm sure some one here will have some answers for you


  • valval
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    you do get these spurs with oa not heard of them on hips but sure some one on here will have they know most things good luck val
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    Hi Angilee,

    Welcome to the forums from me as well, its a good place and they are a nice lot here.

    I am fairly sure its all under the umbrella of osteoarthritis I am afraid. the help lines will know for sure when they come back in tomorrow. For some reason doctors like to say all kinds of things rather than oa! It took me years to realize degeneration of the joints = oa! Mind I am the original ostrich over this bone stuff :wink:

    I hope you are being offered some decent pain relief and have they come up with any long term thing to help you at all? Anyway nice to meet you and take care, Cris x