methotrexate and stopping after one dose

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Hi, I was put on methotrexate last but have decided to come off it for a couple of months. I am nervous of the side effects and lack of being able to have a drink when I go out of an evening. has anyone else been nervous of taking this drug? I know I am probably mad..


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    Hi Kags, not at all surprised you are nervous - but if you read back through the recent postings you will find others in the same situation and there is a very recent post about drinking alcohol when taking metho which you might find interesting.

    Only thing I would say is that because Metho takes a bit of time to work and some time to get out of your system, stopping for a couple of months and restarting probably won't give your arthritis the best chance. So I guess it's a question of priorities and balancing side effects against the potential benefits.

    I know others will be along soon with pearls of wisdom!

    Tilly x
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    Thanks Tilly - I think I just need to get more used to the idea. I think the reality only hits you once you start taking it.I have an appointment with the nurse in September where I will consider taking it for a long period, at least till symptoms under control. K x
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    Hello Kags...............

    May I ask why you've decided to come off it 'for a couple of months'??

    I had a bad time with side effects when I started Mtx......and wondered if the cure was worse than the illness

    But I'm glad I stayed on it........

    Its make such a positive difference to me.......

    I've been told I can still drink alchohol.........within reason........

    It will take time for Mtx to clear your system..........

    Rob x
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    Hi Kags,

    I think most of us were a bit worried about mtx before taking it. Its a good drug if it works for you and I know a few people take it and still enjoy a drink. (I actually don't drink much so it made no difference to me there)

    I have had to get some anti-emetics when i went up to this dose and they work well. the side effects have been kind to me beyond that and a bit of hair thinning (which could be age as well) Good luck with what ever you decide and nice to 'meet' you. Cris x
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    Hi Kags

    I've been on Metho for 3 weeks now - Dr has said it can take up to 3 months to feel benefits and it is okay to have 1-2 drinks just not every night.
    Like Rob I don't drink much and it doen't bother me - in fact at times I get more enjoyment staying sober and watching some of the others overdoing it lol.

    Take care and hopefully you can stick with the meds

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    Hi kags :D

    I think we all have been / are nervous about being on Mtx as it is a powerful drug, but with all the blood monitoring any adverse effects are quickly picked up and the rheummys wouldn't keep you on it if they thought it either wasn't working or didn't suit you. :wink:

    think maybe you've been a bit hasty in coming off others have said it takes time to work and stop starting won't give it a chance to become effective.

    chat it through again with the rheummy nurse so that any anxieties you have are dealt with.

    hope you do get a good result from taking it.

    Iris xxx
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    Miracles don't exist. One dose of anything rarely works, unless it's a silver bullet for a vampire, but even then that's not guaranteed. You have to decide what's worse: living with the constant pain of arthritis, or taking something that might help and cutting down, therefore, on something you enjoy.

    Not everyone feels sick on meth, and it doesn't work for everyone either. You won't know which group you fall into unless you try. Meth is very toxic to the body, but it is used in relatively small doses for arthritis, so a couple of days of nausea may well be a small price to pay for an improvement. You should also be prescribed folic acid to take on the other days, apparently this does help to minimise side-effects and anti-emetics are another option.

    I have had both tablet and injected meth - off for a stabbing soon in fact. I don't have any side-effects to speak of, although I certainly 'feel' bettter within myself when I don't have it for any reason. On the other hand it hasn't done much for the arthritis either, so I am considering asking to come off it - I've given it at least two years to kick in and I think that's generous enough! Mind you, I also take a few other things too, so I'm not relying on just one thing to work.

    I have had fortnightly blood tests for years now: monitoring has to be done to spot any potential problems. One drug had a crack at causing liver failure, so I came off that and had a 'dry' three months until all was sorted. All has been well (ha-ha) since then, so I drink what I want, when I want. I don't bother with getting drunk any more tho - I can't steer myself that well on my crutches, the co-ordination has to be spot on to control four limbs - two real and two metal!

    Don't make any hasty decisions - give it a fair trial at the very least. People are trying to help in prescribing you this - you have to play your part too. Dreamdaisy
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    Many people get nervous about taking Methotrexate however please remember that they have to list possible side effects for the law.
    I take 20mg weekly and feel a bit sicky and tired for 2 days a week with it however as DD says, I think it is a small price for me to pay to give it a chance to kick in and work.
    Remember, as with everything in life, a positive mindset helps considerably. I take my Methotrexate on a Tuesday so I get excited when I wake up on Tuesday mornings (must remember to get a life!) as I keep saying, "Yipee, it's Methorexate Day today!"
    I'd say persevere as it may just work for you.
    Good luck.