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Hi there, my name is Kathy, im 27 and live with my partner and our 2 Sons aged 3 and 1 in Formby, Merseyside.
I was born with congenital hip dysplasia which wasnt picked up on until i began walking. 10 years ago i was diagnosed with early osteo arthritis and kind of just got told i had to live with it until my 40s as they would give me a hip replacement at that age.
During that 10 years i have been to see numerous consultants, had to give up my job and live on painkillers and anti inflamatories. When i had my first pregnancy the pain and mobility problems got worse and very early on in my second pregnancy i got extremely bad. Inbetween having the 2 kids i found a really good surgeon called Mr Cope, he was young and gave me lots of options but the pregnancy with my second Son Jamie affected me that much he put me straight on the list for a hip replacement.
I trust him 100% and i still have contact with him however, i am now nearly four months post op and i am in more pain than i was in before. I walk with a really bad limp, havent slept more than a couple of hours a night since the op, im in severe discomfort 24/7 and if i sit for any period of time, when i stand up to walk i nearly fall over. I have got to have my other hip replaced in around 18months time and suffer chronic back pain.
It is very hard to cope at times, especially given my age. I have given up going out with my friends, although i see them alot, it is to do things with the kids. The thought of going for a night out or on a shopping trip terrifies me. I was planning to return to work this September but as i work in a gym i have had to re think and now decided to try for university.
The hardest part of life isnt the pain or missing out on the things i enjy with my friends, its having no body to talk to who understands. People sympathise with me but they never really understand. I suppose i just had a really bad day today and came online to see if i could find anybody in the same situation. This website is fantastic. Cannot believe how many sufferers there are out there. Hope i have not rambled for too long.xxx


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    Hello Mummy2boys

    Gosh - sorry to her about your difficulties 4 months after having your hip done.. When is your next Orthopaedic appointment?

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    Hi Kathy,

    I'm sorry I didn't spot your post. Welcome to the forum.

    I really empathise with your situation. I too was born with CDH, mine was spotted at around one year of age and I had lots of ops as a child but by my 20's I had OA too, I ignored it for several years and when I finally went to the docs in my mid 20's it was severe. The usual treatments didn't work and I had my first THR at 30 and have just had a resurface replacement on the other one (I'm now 43.)

    You have been in pain for a long time before thankfully finding the fabulous Mr Cope.

    Being overweight is well known for increasing stress on and pain in the joints - so being pregnant will have definitely been a challenge, you must be very gutsy to have coped.

    Looking after two young children and coping with a THR op and recovery must have been very hard. I'm sure you must struggle to rest adequately and you probably push your hips to the limit just carrying out everyday chores. The fact that you had to wait so long for the op means your muscles will have wasted and been abused and have a very big recovery ahead of them - hence the pain, stiffness and the limp.

    Are you receiving regular physio/hydro - if not request it. Have you seen a podiatrist? Are your legs definintely now the same length? I ask as I now have a leg length discrepency and wear a heel raise in my shoes. If I don't wear it - I really limp.

    I did not have a terrific result after my first THR - it was a very difficult operation, I had to have bone grafts and was no weight bearing for many months. I ended up with no pain eventually, but the muscles remained weak and the range of movement achieved by my muscles is disappointing. I used to limp when tired. This put me off having my second done ... and I put it off too long ... until I was desperate - this time round a much better outcome.

    The fact that you are waiting to have your other hip done too, probably means you are now having to rely more and more on your new hip and this will be making it ache more. Do a search and read some of Hileena's posts - she is having a second THR pretty close to her first, for the very same reason.

    You are probably compensating with your back and having to use it more when bending, lifting etc I know I did/do.

    Are you using crutches or sticks?

    Is it both hips which are keeping you awake at night? How do you sleep - on your side/back etc? Are you still taking your meds?

    You have a lot on your plate, you must be exhausted. This forum has been a lifeline to me, I wish I had found it years ago. If you post on the living with arthritis forum, you will probably get more replies - there are quite a few of us hip-folk out there. You are definitely not alone and we are all here to support each other.

    Keep reading and posting,

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    wow thank you for replying, i cant believe there is someone out there who has been through this!
    I have not seen a podiatrist and had no physio post op as was not offered any. I have tried numerous physios in the past and they never helped.
    I definately have a difference in my leg length now, i mentioned it to Mr Cope and he said most people have slight difference anyway and in another 6 months i wouldnt notice but at present i walk with a very noticable limp. I cannot really use the crutches anymore as my kids are so young i find it impossible, i have to carry my youngest to the car and back and push him in a buggy whilst holding the other 1s hand. My partner works 6 days a week and my mum 5 days a week and although i have lots of good friends everybody works and so im sure any mother would agree you kind of just do what you have to for your kids regardless of the pain it causes.

    I did buy the shoe inserts because i am so self concious of my limp but find they dont seem to fit in any of my shoes, especially during summer hen im wearing sandals etc.

    I am interseted that you mention about muscle weakness because the muscles in my operated leg (left) feel so weak even though i am using them through the pain barrier constantly. my thigh muscle right the way down to my left foot really struggles even if i just go for a 10 min walk. I have always worked in gyms and healthclubs before i had to quit due to this problem so i am quite good at knowing what exercises to do to stregthen the muscles but its something i keep wondering about because Mr Cope nor any of the information i got post op really mentioned anything about muscle weakness this long after the op.

    I do have terrible problems with my back and have had for about 10 years. My muscle constantly spasm and it is very painful all the time. As for sleeping at night, i could bear the back pain and stiffness in my back because ive lived with it for that long but its my left hip that prevents me sleeping. The only position my hip doesnt hurt that much is on my back with a pillow under my knees but after an hour or so i have to go onto my side as my back completly ceases up but since the op i just cannt sleep on opereated side or unoperated side as the pain is terrible. The G.P gave m sleeping tablets which help a littl but i dont like taking them too often.

    Thank you again for rplying and in response to the earlier post i am due to see the consultant again in November.
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    Hi, just glad you logged on again and saw our replies - it is very late now and I must go to bed, but I will reply properly soon.

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    As someone who doesn't have OA and therefore probably not much chance of replacements I found your post upsetting. I thought these things always worked! What a bum deal. I think you really have to use crutches - bad gait puts so much strain on already weakened muscles no wonder stuff hurts: I appreciate the fact that you have young children but you have to start doing something to help you. Crutches spread the load, your arms provide support - which they don't at the mo - and movement is easier. I've forgotten how old your children are but hopefully they are of an age where they can at least try to understand that mummy needs some help. Ummmm, veg is boiling over - have to go for now! Sorry. Dreamdaisy
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi again, I would definitely ask your GP to refer you to a podiatrist - they will measure your leg length discrepancy and if necessary give you a heel raise - mine was too wide for my shoes too - so I hacked it with a veg knife and it fits ok now!! In my favourite shoes it fits best under the cushioned lining. I limp lots more without it than I do with it in my shoe. Buying your own shoe inserts isn't the same as you need the discrepancy measured - if they work for you - then it has to be sandals with a solid back ... as shame but worth it if it helps with the walking.

    Maybe the physio was no good in the past because the only thing that was going to help was surgery ... they might be able to help with the limp and gait though ... GP can refer you for this too.

    Does the buggy offer you some support? Is the handle a good height for you? Would your little walker hold on to the buggy and wear a wrist band so that you can push the buggy with two hands and get a bit more support? Do you use a crutch (on the opposite side to your op hip) when out as a family, or if you are ever out on your own or just walking with the your slightly older boy? Even just this concession sometimes would help with pain, the limp and conserving energy.

    I do understand how children get put first - I look of a young person with autism and he has the support needs of someone younger and I also (currently off sick) teach children with special needs - so am used to doing things as needed and "paying later."

    I think you should mention the muscle weakness to Mr Cope and see what he says in November - but as this is a long time ahead - request the physio in the meantime. My first THR leg has never regained full strength and as a result I developed a poor gait - physio for my other leg (latest op) has corrected this 13 years on!! I still have the weak muscles ie if I lie on my back I can only lift it a few inches off the bed and this takes massive effort!! Whereas the new op leg I can lift up to point to the ceiling - however - I did eventually get enough strength in the leg to walk without pain ... so hang in there.

    The pain in your back won't be helped by the leg length discrepancy and the fact that you are probably compensating for the hip. Have you tried sleeping on your side with a body bolster cushion - the sort that pregnant women use - this has really helped me to be more comfy as it offers a lot more support to the leg on top and to your trunk too. Needs to be a good quality one though ie like the Mothercare one. Watch out hubby too - it takes up a lot of room in the bed!!

    keep reading and posting - you definitely aren't alone.

    (who is shattered from a day trip out ... being a Mum is exhausting ... especially with mobility challenges!!)
    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.