Cake Making Part 2

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Hi everyone.

I taught my first cake making class this morning. It went really well and I would just like to thank all those who replied to the thread with suggestions and ideas last week.

I used quite a few of the recipes on the thread that Elna bumped up. We made Dorset Apple cake, pineapple and ginger upside down cake, chocolate brownies, Tea bread (my favourite), chocolate buns, coffee buns and rock cakes - they were huge.

Had a cake lunch - the rest is in my fridge is anyone wants a piece!!

Take care

Fayann xxx


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    Oh that sounds good! I'm glad it went well - when is your next class? DD
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    can i have a rock cake please love them but if make them eat them all lol
  • janie68
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    That's great news! Dorset apple cake-that sounds gorgeous! Any chance of the recipe if it's not too much hassle for you?

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    Hi Fayann

    So pleased you could make use of the recipe thread. You were busy today. :) Thanks for letting us know what you made and brill that all was a success! :)

    I hope the next session goes as smoothly as today. I see no reason why not, with you in charge. :D

    Elna x
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    That's a load of cake :shock:

    Sounds as though it went reallly well.

    I am pleased for you....

    and yes please wang some over here :wink:


    Toni xx
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    Wow! what a lot to do in such a short time!!

    glad it went really well for you :D:D:D

  • Rainbow77
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    Hi everyone

    Thanks for your responses. The session was 3 hours long with a 20 minute tea break! I had 5 learners and they all worked in pairs to make their cakes. They were all delicious and everyone went home with a carrier bag full of cake pieces. Some of them were surprised that we were doing a practical - but how are you going to learn about making cakes without making any? My next one is 18th august.

    I have typed them all up into a little book, so if anyone wants a cyber copy I can email you one if you private message me.

    janie68 I have sent you recipe by private message

    Fayann xx