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I'm going to have a MIR scan soon. I have had many scans but not this one.

Has anyone had one? If you have can you tell me what they do?

the doctor did tell me that they can become clastorphobic.

Many thanks

love Trish xxxxx


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    MRI scans are very straightforward. The machine is large, with a hole running thro the middle of it. You are put on a bed and fed into the machine - not necessarily all the way in, that depends on what is being scanned. I can only tell you what happened to me.

    My knees have been done three times, so I was fed in as far as my shoulders. I was given headphones to wear as the machine is very noisy: they deaden the sound quite effectively. Some hospitals will even pipe music thro them! You are also given a corded button to press should you feel unwell/distressed. The staff are in another room but they can see you and hear you and you can hear them.

    I had four separate scans each time. Each scan lasted about five minutes. The machine makes a different sound for each scan. You don't feel a thing. I learned after the first one that my feet got cold so now I ask for a blanket to cover my delicate little tootsies. Oh, and I went thro a questionnaire first with a nurse - she was checking whether I had a pacemaker or any piercings or metal in my body. Apparently if you have any of those you cannot have an MRI 'cos you end up a bit like a fridge magnet, stuck to their machine.

    If they weren't so noisy I would fall asleep! They are very easy and painless. If you do tend towards claustrophiobia just keep your eyes closed and think happy thoughts. It will be over before you know it. DD
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    Hi Trisher

    don't you be worrying...

    I am scared of EVERYTHING and i have done it.

    Suggest you lie with eyes shut - listen to the music if they play it...

    you will have headphones on as the machine thumps while it takes teh photos...

    BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!!! But they warn you as they can speak to you.

    You also have a pANIC button incase you want out.

    It also helps if you have music if yo count the songs on the radio - each lasts about 3 mins so 6 records and it's over :) and MRI takes about 20 mins

    Finally I took a person with a learning disability for one and he did not understand it would help him and not hurt - he had to trust me that it was true. You know it's going to help.


    Toni xx
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    Toni DD

    Thank you for telling me, it is on my liver so I think I go in further.
    Had scans but not MIR before.

    Well it does not sound too bad
    Thank you to both of you that is very helpful

    Love Trish xxx
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    Hi Trish,

    Toni and DD have covered what having an MRI is like.....I just wanted to say that I too get claustrophobic but kept my eyes shut the whole time which really does help.
    I had the MRIs done for my back so was 'fed' fully in to the machine each time. Knowing that the machine is open at both ends is reassuring.

    Let us know when your appointment comes through Trish. :wink:

    I've posted a link to a factsheet on MRIs from BUPA's website which explains it all very well including questions and answers about 'feeling claustrophobic' Hope it's helpful.


    Iris xxx
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    Hi trish

    How you doin?
    I bet you have been for you scan now, have I missed the bus?

    I have had two MRI scans on my leg. One before it was amputated and another a year ago on my stump.
    I was terrified too but it wasn't too bad as i didn't go right in.
    I think I would have had to close my eyes and think of nice things.

    It is the noise that was annoying, you would think they could muffle it. They asked if i would like to listen to music but never came up with the goods.

    I hope you are ok love julie :)