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Hi everyone,

It seems that I only post when I want advice but I know you guys are so good at helping.

I've started on MST 10mg 1st dose yesterday, just had my 2nd.

Not sure what to expect really and should I keep taking the paracetomol too or give that a rest.

I work full time so this is going to be interesting I think.

Many thanks in advance

Scarlett x


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    What is MST? DD
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    Hello Scarlett

    I know very little about MST, other than it's slow release morphine, but I am sure there will be other peeps along soon who have experience of it.

    Hope you have an OK day.

    Marion x
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    Thanks marion, I didn't know that (another fact to add to the odd accumulation of facts one gets from being on here!). Right, in response to the original post: I have no idea but I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Scarlett

    You fairweather friend you :wink:

    I dont know either, but have recently started on pain patches myselfg which have a similar longer term type release of an opiod ....

    I feel I need something for the breakthrough pain, but yours is likely to be stronger.

    I suggest once you have been on them a while - if you are still getting pain you ring the GPs and ask what else you can take.

    I am doing that myself :wink:

    Hope it works


    Toni xx
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    Hi Scarlett

    I have only limited experience in MST, dispensing not taking it. I may be wrong but I would try not having paracetamol when you are not at work and see how you go.If you feel that the pain is increased then go back on it. 10mg is a low dose and the paracetamol may prevent you wanting to have more MST. I take oramorph myself and still take paracetamol. I can take 40mg a day if needed but I don't. MST is good because it releases the morphine slowly over the day.

    If you are still worried, you can ring NHS direct or ask a pharmacist.

    I hope this helps

  • scarlett
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    Thanks everyone for the replies, I'm getting used to it now, it was just the 1st couple of days that were a bit weird.

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    Hi Scarlett is it working for the pain? If you feel "drugged" might be worth enquiring if you can go on a lower dose - if there is one? I would have thought it would be better to be on paracetomol and the lowest dose of MST possible than on no paracetomol and a higher dose of MST as paracetomol is considered to be one of the safest painkillers and morphine can become additive if taken for extensive periods ...however ... I'm NOT a medic - so seek advice from GP/pharmacist.