Throat ulcers

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Currently suffering with ulcers at back of my throat.G.P thinks down too increase in mtx too 20mg.Will they clear up or are they a permanent fixture of mtx.
So frustrating as mtx was giving me good results and dont really want too come of it.Feels like this isnt a disease but a curse.


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    tricky one to answer - can only give you my own experience of what has happened to me when ulcers have occurred.

    Mostly I have had ulcers when on the higher end of the MTX dosage range (between 20 - 25 mg in my case) and if I have had ulcers then I have been told by the rheumatology nurses to stop the MTX until the ulcers have gone.

    Usually that has meant only one missed injection, but there was one time when I got a run of different infections that lasted for 6 weeks, which taught me just how much the MTX was actually doing for me :shock: :roll:

    I have often been given extra blood tests when I've got ulcers - just in case they are a sign of something more serious.

    if in doubt I would suggest you contact your rheumatology team.

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    Hi Gaz

    think Wonky is right, bypass the GP and ring the Rheumatologst's team - the nurse for instance.


    Toni xx