Any tips for writing a CV

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Hi everyone

I am a qualified teacher. I have taught secondary and adults since I went back to work last January after being off for 2 and a half years. I have just come to the end of 6 months of sessional tutoring and I only have 1 booking for september for friday morning. I am registered with supply agencies but don't see that as a long term thing, so need to start applying for a new permanent job.

I need to update my cv, anyone got any tips for font, layout and what I need to include. How do I play to my strenght's?

What shall I put for employment history for the period that I did not work? Shall I put 'not employed'?

Thanks in advance

Fayann xx


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    Hi Fayann
    nice to see you posting, how is the RA?

    CVs, i recently went to a free cv session run by a college and even though it isnt long since i applied for other jobs and had filled in forms i did find it useful, like you say they said what font to use and layouts. I suggest you contact local college, look on your council website for education info then see what free cv courses there are out there. The lady i saw said she had never seen the type of people she is seeing now even the last recession i.e. ones who usually have no trouble finding jobs like electricians solicitors etc so a good cv is a must.
    good luck

    p.s. about the not employed bit! the lady i saw gave tips about not mentioning these areas e.g you would put someting like teaching from 2005-2010 and not go into detail about the gap say all of 2009
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    if you have word/works 2007 the templates are very good have a look
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    Hi Fayann

    Most libraries or bookshops will have books on how to write CV's and deal with interviews which may help give you some clearer pointers and tips. Just a thought.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I know I can rely on you all. I will have a look at some templates.

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    Hi fayan how are you long time no speak recall me I can send you a copy of my my CV after I went to shaw Trust if it would help Chrisov