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Hi all,
Wonder if you would help. Question follows on from my Humira query a while ago.

How do you store your temperature-controlled (2-8 Degrees) meds – anti-TNFs - directly on the shelf, in a tupperware box? Are the shelves in your fridge glass or the wire type? Which shelf do you store them? Is it a frost-free model? Do you have a fridge thermometer? How often do you check temperature? Have you noticed any temperature fluctuations? Have you ever had a problem? Do you have a data logger? Or do you just keep them in the fridge and that’s OK?

Seems a lot of a fuss, but I’d like your opinions, if you’ve the time. I am so cripplied with RA, I want to get the best out of my treatment, so that I don’t become fully dependent. This morning my logger reported a drop from 4 – 1.5 degrees, within an hour and I don’t know why. There is, of course, no way of knowing whether the ‘pen’ in the box is now useless or not. It sort of matters to me when I realise that I have £1870s worth of medication in the fridge and I don’t want NHS funds wasted. I've been very surprised at the temperature fluctutations which occur just from general useage. The responsibility is a bit daunting. Just think - if it's lost it's usefulness, then I'm not getting the treatment I should for, say RA, for 2 weeks.

Would appreciate any input.


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    I put the boxes direct on the middle shelf of the fridge, and leave a fridge thermometer on top of them. I occasionally check the temp when I remember. So far, so good. The stuff is well-protected in the pen mechanism, I am sure it can (and does) tolerate fluctuations in temperature, and anyway, before I take my humira I leave it on the side for about half an hour to warm up - it stings much less on administration! DD
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    Hi dolittle - know exactly what you mean.

    I used to store mine in a tupperware box without the lid (just cos it was a good way to keep the boxes together) on a glass shelf in the middle of the fridge. Only other thing I did was to make sure the box wasn't against the back of the fridge where there was ice, so it didn't freeze.

    I did buy a fridge thermometer to keep alongside the box and kept an eye on it when I went into the fridge for something. Fridge temperature didn't change much except when the fridge was really full after shopping. It's quite a new fridge tho'. I wonder if having the logger is worrying you unneccessarily? My thermometer was just a very basic one which had markers showing ideal temp range. I didn't look at the actual temp very much, just that it was within range.

    If you are worried that the temp has gone too low, you could check with Healthcare at Home for their advice.

    Hope this helps some.

    Love Tilly x
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    I keep mine in the fridge door on the bottom shelf. I've never had any problem with them.

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