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Hi every-one,
Just had my first telephone appointment with rheumy nurse. Told her about my arms, hands aching, tirednesss, irriatability. She seems to think it might be the pred I take 10mg one day and 5mg the next, so asked me to cut it down to 5mg, have been taking mtx for the past 5 weeks 15mg, she has asked me to start 20mg from Monday as I was tollerating it. I asked how my bloods have been, been having weekly tests, she said they are all fine, so me being me said well how do you know I have arther her reply we don't, with the symptoms I presented they have to treat it as it is arther. I am totally confused when I was last at the hospital they said I was borderline positive with my rhematoid factor and my ana. Luckily I am at the hospital on the 9th of August, hopfully get some answers face to face. Has anybody else come across anything like this?




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    Hi June,

    How we feel isn't always reflected in our bloods.

    Some people have seronegative arthritis which doesn't show up on the standard blood test but is still arthritis and needs treatment.

    Other diseases can have all the symptoms of arthritis but turn out to be something different.

    They are taking you seriously and giving you medication. Some people on here find it hard to get the medical profession to listen to them. Your team sounds like they are looking after you.

    Hope you get some answers soon.

    Luv Legs :)
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    Why were you alternating your pred dose? That seems strange to me, why not a daily dose of 7.5? That way your body is on an even keel and knows what to expect. Upping the meth is an option, but I have always been put on an increased dose 2.5 at a time, not a jump of 5. It just goes to show how differently this disease is treated around the country. I would even out the pred dose to 7.5 daily, rather than suddenly drop to a constant 5 - that will help with the increased meth too. I wish you well. DD (who went undiagnosed for nine years - I remember the frustration quite well!)
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    Last time I was at the hospital was told to do


    10mg for 4 weeks

    10mg/5mg alternate days for 4 weeks

    5mg there after.

    After that I don't know, nurse seems to think that the pred might be causing my aching, find that hard to believe thought pred eased it.

    Thought it strange when she upped my mtx.

    Hope it goes well as off on hols in 2 weeks, has any one noticed a difference when they get there mtx upped :?:

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    Hi June, just wanted to say welcome.

    I have OA and so have no knowledge of the meds you are on.

    It's a trial and error process isn't it?

    I hope you have a fab holiday - most people seem to find that arther is easy on them on hols ... so as long as you have enough rest whilst away, you should be fine. Hope you have a lovely time.

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    Hi June

    Bloods dont show half of what is going on and they are right to treat you as tough it is RA. Seroneg arthritis' which do not show in the blood, but ARE inflamatory are often treated in the same way.

    dont worry you are being taken serioulsy.

    Good luck on 9th


    Toni xx

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