Dopey or wot!?

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Well I must confess I had an MRI on me spine yesterday and I dropped off while the dam thnig was clanking away not once but twice!!, god I must be getting old!, soon it will be a pipe and slippers and a cup of bed time coco for me!. :roll:


  • dreamdaisy
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    Only you mell - I SAID ONLY YOU! (Obviously your hearing's going west). Poor old thing - you must have been tired, that's why. I hope you are feeling OK today. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I'm not surprised you fell asleep. You can't move a muscle, and there isn't much more to do really. Anyway, cat-napping is good for you, so I am told. I hope the scan will prove helpful for you.
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    Wow, I could never ever fall asleep in one of those MRI contraptions.

    I too had my back and neck 'done'. Much too noisy and I was stiff as the proverbial board having to keep still for an hour.

    But I applaud you mell, you sure took that in your stride.

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    Mell Anybody I'm having one on two weeks time.

    Mell did you fall asleep because you were so relaxed 8) 8) :shock: I hope you did and it was not that you fainted :shock:


    Did it take long?

    Trish xx
  • mellman01
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    Hi Trish Joan and all, well I didn'r pass out, I was quite tired but I sort just droped off,I can still remember hearing the thing banging about then it all went fuzzy till I jumped as I came to, then I did it again!.
    Seemed only like a few minutes while I was in it, maybe the constant drone of the thing is what did it?.
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    I must admit the same happened to me several years ago. I think I was very uptight about it and when I finally got into the machine I realised it wasnt as bad as I expected. I then dosed off and was constantly fighting with myself to try and stay awake. When I arrived at the hospital I was given directions and although I followed them I couldnt find the MRI scan dept. I then stopped a nurse and asked her because I was getting annoyed at myself and thought I was going to be late. She pointed out the door was right behind me! Well there was a row of doors and each had a name on it Mr Smith, Mr Jones and I read the next one as Mr Iscan (MRI Scan). I had walked up and down several times and didnt realise how stupid I was being. My youngest daughter still to this day says Mr Iscan, when I do something silly.