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Hello all,

I am new here, I was diagnosed with sero-negative rheumatoid by my GP in June and currently muddling through before I see a rheumatologist at the end of August.

So far its only flared up in my fingers, until week before last when it moved in to my wrists. The gp keeps telling me, keep your joints moving, so he has advised not to go down the splint route yet and wait to see what the rheumatologist advises. So in the mean time, i am using tubigrip. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop it splitting a fraying around the holes for my thumbs? I seem to need to replace them every few days. Maybe I am doing something wrong? I have thought about trying to almost hem them, but the thought of trying to hold a needle isn't too welcoming.



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    Try painting clear nail varnish around the cut parts - it works for tights, stopping any further runs. DD
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    Hi Rach

    Welcome to the Forum, but sorry to hear about your diagnosis. When are you due to see the Rheumatologist? If you have been suffering since June, that's 2 months now, so I hope your appointment is soon..

    I used to use tubigrips when I first had pains in my hands/wrists too (I thought I just had tendonitis due to walking my dogs - but then it spread to various other joints). The fraying is a nuisance and I didn't solve that problem - I had several tubigrips on the go at any one time and I used to double them over too as that provides a bit more support..

    I hope you get seen soon Rach - 'cos the Rheumy will get the OT to give you some proper day-time and also night-time splints and some 'pressure gloves' - all of which will help with the pain.

    Please keep posting and let us know how you get on ..

    take care

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    hi Rach, my consultant told me to use tennis bands around my wrists which you can buy in any sport shop. I use splints at night only. I have bought a couple of wraparound supports by a company called Thermoskin. They are not rigid like the splints but just give you a bit of support. Apparently, you shouldn't wear splints when you are doing stuff in any case - or so I have been told - just after and at night.
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    Thanks, I am on the count down now, only 25 days to until I see the rheumatologist :D

    I like the thinking with the nail varnish, I will give that go. I made the mistake of using our electric hedge trimmer today, the sun was shining and the neighbours have all done theirs so I thought I would give it a go. Oh dear, was that a bad idea, so thinking I need something a bit more robust for manual tasks, or more probably I need to add trimming the hedge to the lists I can't do right now.

    I have seen sports wrist supports, nicely edged ones next to the tubigrip in the shops but they seem to just be a few inches long, so presume its a different type of support.

    Onwards and upwards, maybe after a little sideways time on the sofa :-)

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    Hi rach...nice to meet you. :D

    I hope you do find a solution to the fraying edges!

    25 days still seems a long way off so you do need to be careful and don't overdo things until you've seen the rheummy.....so please don't go cutting any more hedges.:roll:

    Hope the appointment goes well...tell us the date and we'll watch out for your post then..

    Iris xx
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    Hi Rach,

    I made my own supports too out of tubigrip and doubled them over for more support. When you see your rheumy ask to be referred to occy therapist. she will give you the correct supports for your hands and wrists. Mine gave me some fingerless gloves that cover wrist they are amazing for comfort and you can wear them all the time they are called Isotoner theraputic gloves . Ask for some you will love them! If you need extra support she can do you some proper fitting splints.

    Hope this helps take care :)

    Rose x
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    Hi Rach

    I have a wrist support its similar to a tennis band but velcro's round to make it secure. My parents got it for me a few years ago way before I was diagnosed with PA.

    I am currently sat wearing it at the moment as my wrist is killing me! It helps me a lot and still allows me to move my hand around which seeing as I work with children is useful.

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    hi Rach

    Take it steady when you do tings like hedge trimming :shock:

    In fact I'd leave that till you have seen the rheumy :shock:

    If you can afford it you can buy thumb wrist splints which you could use for manual tasks from teh chemisty. If its just to protect them I think your GP would agree with you.


    Toni xx
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    Well I can report the nail varnish has stopped the annoying white flecks of cotton appearing on everything, so that's an improvement, however I think I need to buy some stronger varnish, maybe some nail strengthener :lol to stop the fabric slitting from the elastic.

    Thanks Toni for the thumb wrist splints, i had no idea what they were called, look good as the pain is in my wrist and the thumb so might stop me using it. Although would I still have use of my thumb?

    Only 21 days to go until I see someone, yipeee!

    I will keep you posted.


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