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    True friends do not alter in the way they treat you or in how they react to last-minute cancellations etc. We had a wide gang of about 30, fourteen years ago. Now we have four. These four turn up with a take-away if we've had to break a dinner date round at ours. These are the four that make sure I can put my legs up - my favourite one is Steve who lets me make use of his long legs and therefore deep lap - many a dinner I've eaten at his house, propping my legs on him! His wife bought a footstool just for me, but I prefer Steve's lap!

    Yes, my world has narrowed, and because he is so supportive so has The Husband's (much to my dismay). But there is no way I can do now what I used to do then. I treasure the friends I have and the support I receive - from The Husband, from my friends and from here. Here is a wonderful place. DD
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    Hi, I don't think I've lost friends but, I have found it hard to keep up with the friends I have and they are very patient with me. I hate not wanting to be bothered to go out and if I do having to feel really tired and not too well the next day. No, not a hangover, well usually not! :oops:
    Love Sue