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Hi Everyone! I'd like to introduce myself...
My name is Fred I have been diagnosed with A.D.D and Migraines but haven't been diagnosed with any type of arthritis since I simply haven't seen any specialist yet.
I have almost always had knee pains that I've been told is hereditary from my father...so I never really cared thinking it was "normal"...
2 years ago I started having the same kind of pain in my elbows...1 year ago it was my lower back and my neck...and this year its my wrists...
Havent been diagnosed with arthritis yet but there's not a whole lot of options at my age (I'm 21) it's pretty abnormal that all your main articulations and joints hurt already...
I'm looking for a new doctor as my doctor right now thinks the solution to everything is an anti-depressant...
also probably have Restless leg syndrome...
I guess I'm just afraid it'll keep getting worse...and very quickly... :(
I don't mind being in pain but I don't wanna lose control over my body. Since I'm 13 I have always lived with pain having migraines and very severe and not so well located cystic acne that made it very painful to even just walk.
I guess I'm sad to be losing my youth so fast...I already have problems keeping up with my friends at hockey and they don't believe that I am hurting really bad...they say I'm just looking for ways to get attention. I was a cyclist before but stopped because of the combined pains from my knees, my back and my cystic acne...

Sorry for ranting on my first post here... :(


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    Hello Fred, Sorry you have had to find us but welcome to the forum.
    Sadly a lot of people have the same problems with friends and family not really understanding our pains etc. We are all in the same boat so we try and help each other as much as we can.
    Try posting on the young peoples forum or LW one.
    Hope to see you posting soon.

    Best wishes,
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    hi rant away we do not mind all been there done that get new gp soon you need to see rhummy ask doc you have got if he will sent you even if only to put your mind at rest but it could be arthritus so needs checking out as the sooner you get treatment the less damage good luck val
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    Hello Fred and welcome
    Dont apologise for the rant, we are here to support one another, and I think It is good therapy to get it off your chest.
    I know what you mean about doctors not being interested, sometimes you really have to put up a fight, I ended up changing GPs, and hopefully I am now moving on.
    I do hope to see you posting more very soon.
    Barbara x
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    Hi Fred and welcome from me too.

    So sorry you have got such a lot to put up with. It really does sound as if you need to change your GP sooner rather than later so that you can get the help you need.

    One of the hardest things I think about long-term illness is the understanding (or lack of understanding) from others. It just makes it a whole lot harder to cope. But you are in good company here with others who do understand and will support you as much as we can. As Ironic says, you may want to post on the Young People’s forum because there may well be others of your age going through similar things. And the Living with Arthritis forum is good for specific questions because we all look there regularly.

    Just one other thing to add about restless legs. My Mum suffered extreme leg problems for 10 years which, because all tests were negative, was put down to a severe case of restless legs. She struggled dreadfully until earlier this year she saw a new GP who suggested that it could be down to a magnesium deficiency and told her to take magnesium tablets. She began taking 3 Osteocare tablets every day and within weeks she had no problems at all, although the magnesium did upset her stomach after a while. But now, about 6 months later she doesn’t need to take it and her leg problems have gone completely. Just a thought...
    Love Tilly x
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    Hi Fred

    Good to meet you.

    You have had a lot of stuff to deal with for a youngun eh? :wink:

    Seriously though migraines and the acne would be your fair share, but unfortunetely it doesnt work like that does it :(

    I hope you will get a diagnosis soon about your joint pain and hope the docs are on top of that. As far as the ant d's are concerned though - a lot of us are on them as beleive it or not, they can and do help us arthritic lot :)

    Hoping you find us a helpful bunch and to see you again soon


    Toni xx