is it RA

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hi i have posted a few times about my husbands RA he was diagnosed in december 2008 it has been very agressive he is on embrel and predesalone he has been on sulfa and also MTX but has been told to come of that and is waiting to see a liver specialist befor they try him again.
My question is when he has been to see a poditrist they say oh your feet are fine even when he first went to see his consultant he took x rays but said that they didnt show any signes of damage yet he is in so much pain.
we are both begining to wonder weather it is RA or something else we are going to see another consultant for a second oppinion soon.
i just worry that he is takeing all these toxic drugs are they really sure it is RA?
thanks for listening Alison


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    Hi Alison

    I can see this is a worrying time for you both. When people have RA, the pain in the feet is often caused by the inflammation rather than damage which occurs over time. This damage does not always show up on x-rays if it is not significant enough.

    As you said if it is so aggressive I doubt very much if it a mis diagnosis if they are giving him these medications.

    If your husband if not having much luck with all the medications it may be useful for him to try out some alternative ways of calming down his immune system. Omega3 fishoils have shown to be very effective in having anti-inflammatory properties. Also things like relaxation and meditation will help too.

    I realise it is a difficult time for you all but if at some point he is able to he may like to think about going on our challenging you condition course:

    If either on of you would like to speak to us please feel free to give us a call.

    Best wishes