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Our consultant seems to think that Bristol are going to say for Kayleigh to start etanercept. I've had to sign all the forms and additional blood tests today for it, so kinda a safe bet it will be given. I was asked how the swelling was from Saturday when she had the steroid injections and although I think they have worked she said today not good enough :( she's also had a systemic reaction I think that's what she called it. Basically even though she was injected in her wrists it's spread to her hands and helped there as well but not well enough as she's still swollen.

I think that was the purpose of today really, for someone medical to look at her and see what she looks like since having the injections and whether they have done any good, if not plan of what to do next. From the way she was talking sounded like it will def be etanercept, along with continuing methatrexate (she aint gonna like that more injections every week).

I think now it's just a case of go on holiday enjoy ourselves and get back into it all after that. Hopefully I'll know before going away what the plan is going to be but as we're still waiitng for her shoes I can't see that happening.

Michelle xxx


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    These things take a long time to sort. Keep us posted, I hope you are all able to enjoy your holiday, and I wish you and K well. You need some TLC also - don't forget that. DD
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    Hi Michelle,

    so the hospital agreed with Kayleigh then - that the results of the jabs "weren't good enough." Putting all the treatment on the back burner and doing your best to enjoy your holiday sounds a good plan. I hope you have a fab time and the change does you all good and gives you all a bit of a break. Good though that the hospital is continually evaluating and adjusting her treatments, though it is a shame it means more jabs. If the new meds work - hopefully she will see the pay off makes them worth while.

    Take care and as DD says, look after yourself too.

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    Poor Kayleigh and poor you. I'm glad they've moved her onto Enbrel to hopefully give her some relief.

    Have a wonderful holiday. Try to relax and enjoy it. I know that's not easy but you'll be more able to cope with everything if you have a good break.