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Hi - I have been awarded the lower level of DLA since last October but my arthritis has slowly got worst. I have looked at the forms and know that i need more help now then I did last year. How do I go about it? Do I have to go through the horrid process of re aplying??




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    Hi Louise

    No I don't think you need to go through the whole process of re-applying. You simply have to write to them stating the changes that have happened and what extra help you need as a result. Try and put in as much detail as possible and really spell out the difficulties that are new. If you need some help and support doing it contact you local Welfare rights office. If you don't know where to find them just contact your local council and they should be able to inform you where to go.

    I hope that helps however if you need to talk to us about anything you know we are just a phone call away. In case you didn't know already we do have guidelines for DLA:http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/LivingwithArthritis/Independentliving/Benefits

    Best wishes

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    I keep getting this bad pain and my ear becomes very painful on the outside.

    The pain goes down my face into my jaw and neck. If I try to open my mouth it increases the pain.

    I'm getting it in both ears. When the pain goes to the neck it veers off to my shoulders.

    I have RA in my shoulders. Could this be connected?

    Also I have RA in my wrists. Last week I noticed that my hands hang down from my wrists. I hold my hand out straight it droops itself when I let go.

    I have been having a lot of swollen wrists and very bad pain.
    Could this be due to the RA or the PsA I have?

    Thank you Trish xxx
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    Hi Trisher,

    We are here to listen to your concerns, but can't answer questions about the diagnosis side of things. Those points about whether these problems are linked to specific types of arthritis may need to go to a physio or a doctor. I wonder whether these questions have an emotional side that we might be able to talk about?

    We don't recommend doing anything about your benefits without the guidance of a welfare rights advisor (see for example www.dialuk.org.uk).

    all the best
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    psyart wrote:
    DLA ... Do I have to go through the horrid process of re aplying??

    Hi Louise - I can't answer your question. However when completing the form - have you thought of going to the Citizen's Advice Bureau to help? I found them wonderfully helpful - they wrote down my answers and all I had to write was my signature. They also were interested to know the result of the application. Phone your nearest centre, tell them you need help filling in the form and they will refer you to the relevant office. In my case it was a special form filling office I think.