Mouth Ulcers - just bonjella?

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I seem to have picked up some more symptoms of sernonegative RA, I have had a sore throat for a week, and now having a mini outbreak of mouth ulcers. I haven't seen the Rheumatologist yet, thats 2 weeks and 2 days away, so I am currently just taking co-codamol and ibuprofen.

I have been slapping bonjella on the ulcers for a few days and they keep appearing, i know have 12 on the inside of my cheek, should I be using something else to treat them? I can't get an appointment with my GP who is looking after the RA so wondering if I should just put up with it, or is it enough to merit seeing another doctor?



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    Dear Rachel,

    This is an enquiry which really does need to go to the treating physician - we can't advise as we are not medically qualified. Once you are seeing the rheumatology clinic you will be able to take these matters quickly to the rheumatology specialist nurse.

    I doubt whether the GP will want to say much until you've seen the rheumatologist, but they should know probably - I wonder whether you can have a phone appointment with them?

    Do you have our information on seronegative arthritis yet - if not email [email protected] with your full name and address and we can send it to you. Learning more about self management is really useful with arthritis.

    I hope we can help further
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    I'm buttinh in as well. I have heard that using live yoghurt is supposed to be good for ulcers.

    I have not had to use it myself but heard it is good.

    Trish xxx
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    To echo everybody else - see a dr as it can indicate other things as it usually is an indicator of a stressed immune system
    but in the meantime look at a medicated mouthwash you can get one called Corsodyl on prescription (if you don't have to pay) or just over the counter if you do,
    Its pretty effective but make sure you follow the instructions on how and when you take it as it can stain your teeth otherwise
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    As Chrissie says Corsodyl is an effective mouth wash for when you have got ulcers, but I was advised by my dentist not to use it all the time due to the staining problems.

    They recently brought out a 'daily' version which does not stain so much, and I use this regularly, which seems to have helped me to stay ulcer free for a while. The stronger one is in reserve for if I do get any ulcers.

    do tell your dentist what drugs you are taking, as they can tailor your treatment to take this into account. For instance, I take MTX which has tended to make my gums quite sore ... so they only do a manual scale rather than using the machine, to help keep any problems to a minimum.

    good luck - hope you get some help!
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    Hi Rach

    I too have had a sore throat for a fortnight and ulcers galore on my tongue. A fdew months ago my GP prescribed me something, cannae remember the name however chemist said cannot get hold of it anyway so GP said good old Bonjela.

    When the ulcers are particularly bothersome on the tip of my tongue I sit and dip my tongue in a glass full of iced water. I admit, I try not to do it in public as I look too funny!

    Hope you get some relief soon.
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    Thanks all for the recommendations, I think I am going to see what evil mouth washes i can find. Strepsils seem to be helping a bit, not had any new ulcers today and the ones i have seem to be calming down a bit.

    I spoke to my GP and he said just live with it until I see the rheumatologist, helpful as ever!

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    ask chemist for I think Adcort (cant put my hands on it at the mo)
    sometimes they dont have it in but will get it for you(Boots).
    I put it on at nightfeels a bit sticky but the next morning they have almost gone.
    Tiny tube expensive ...but worth every penny :D CB
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    'Igluu' gel (I think you sell it like that!) is very good too, especially if you put plently of it over the ulcer at night. This can be difficult, depending on the location of the ulcer!

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    Hello there!
    I'm sorry if I'm a bit late to be of any use here now, but yes, I suffer with recurring ulcers & when I worked in Boots they recommended "ADCORTYL" & it is brilliant! It stays stuck on the spot for longer than bonjella & is available over the counter.
    Do go to doc if they keep coming back though just to get checked out
    love Pennie