Newbie with big life change from October!!

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I have OA, just declined hip replacement as at the age of 51, widowed at 35, having waved 5 now adult children off to university, I am about to go away to university myself, to do an MA in Social Work and live on campus!
Having declined the replacement, for now, I am worried about how I will cope mobility and pain wise. I have symptoms of OA, to varying degree's in both hips, knees, ankles, one shoulder and neck. My consultant has arranged for me to have Fluoroscopic guided injection in the worst hip, a week before I go to university... I have already had an injection of steroid for my shoulder, with mixed results.


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    Hi Maimhambo - and welcome to the forum

    I bet you are so excited about your new adventure and I really admire you for your courage in making such a big, life-changing decision!

    You will find lots of support on here from people who really understand the difficulties of living with arthritis. The best place to post specific questions is on the "Living with Arthritis" forum because we all look there and the "Chit Chat" forum is, as the name suggests, a more lighthearted forum for general wonderings and is a good place for lighthearted relief.

    You will be made very welcome here - so look forward to seeing you posting.

    Love Tilly x
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    sic ""Living with Arthritis" forum because we all look there and the "Chit Chat" forum" Thanks for the welcome Tilly, I will post there later... Fe
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    missed this before welcome glad to have you good luck with uni val
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    Hi Maimhambo, just wanted to give you a warm welcome and good luck with Uni. Look forward to reading your posts.

    Jules x
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    Hi Maimhanbo
    Just had to log in to wish you luck, What a lifechange! hope you have a super time, will keep looking in to see how you are doing please can we have regular updates.

    I would love to do something like that (I am just a couple of years older than you) but I don't have the b***s). You are a brave lady.


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