Patella Femoral OA

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Could I ask your advice please.

I have Patella femoral OA and am a photocopier engineer, meaning I spend most of my day on my knees.
To save writing a book I can confirm it is PFOA in both knees, I am using pain control prescribed by a doctor and have done everything imaginable to lessen the impact of my job on the knees.
I ask this whilst sitting in terrible pain after a day "fixing" copiers crawling around on the floor - Oh and by the way I am 58 years old.
I honestly feel I cannot do this job any longer, I get home every night, and sit rubbing my knees popping Co-Dydramol and Ibruprofen - this cannot go on can it? I do not have much of a life any more, have to go to bed approx 8:30 not to sleep but to rest my knees ready for the next day.
Please help - thank you.


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    Hello alanjones, welcome to the forums and I am so sorry for your situation. I don't have OA but I can feel the pain and despair running through your post and I am acquainted with that.

    Your knees are obviously causing you a huge amount of trouble, and now I think it's reached the point where you can no longer manage the physical side of your job. You have to consider a change of some sort - could you work in the admin side of your job, so you become office-based and send others out? You mentioned your age and that does complicate matters doesn't it? It is so much harder to change career at a later stage in life but perhaps some advice could be sought. What else can you do? Are you able to turn your hands to most things (ie have good practical skills) or have you specialised in photocopiers? I think you have done remarkably well to get this far - you obviously have determination in spades. There must be something out there for you somewhere, but blowed if I know what. I am sorry I cannot be of any real help, but I do admire your spirit. I wish you well. Dreamdaisy
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    Hi Alan

    It sounds like you have already decided you cannot do this job any longer and it probably is aggravating the situation. Is there any way you could make an appointment with a disability employment advisor at your local job centre and just talk things through with them? Or perhaps you company would consider placing you else where in a less physically demanding role. It doesn't sound like you have much quality of life at the moment so perhaps it is time to look into changing things. For more information on employment issues please see our booklet called 'Working with arthritis' :

    If it would help to discuss things with one of us please feel free to give us a call.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Alan
    i can feel your pain having been in a job my self that took its toll on my knees to the stage where i just could not get up my own stairs at bed time after a days work , i carried on far to long and possibly made things much worse because i loved the job , PLEASE put your self and your knees first i know its not easy, i wish you well in your decisions x
    [i am a lady ]
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx