arthur fighting each other

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I wonder if you can help me at all.

My blood tests are coming back with all sorts of things wrong with them including white blood cells dropping to 6 when it should be 15.

Another test is the same it should be 50ish. Mine has now risen to 1,539

I suffer with RA OA also PsA.

My question is has it ever been know if one arthur can fight another arthur?

Love Trisher xxx


  • carola
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    Interesting question, Trisher.

    Maybe the different meds for different Arthurs contradict each other however I would hope that the specialists would know this if this was the case and avoid.

    Hopefully you will ask them at your Rheumy appointment today.

    Good luck.
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    Dear Trisher,

    My understanding is that rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis are often treated very similarly with many drugs in common - and they both are in the autoimmune (inflammatory) family of illnesses. What you may want to get from the rheumatology team is whether they are monitored in any way differently? You might want to ask the team whether the two kinds can make your treatment more complicated.

    On the osteoarthritis front this arthritis can be made worse by the damage done by the inflammatory process. In other words some joints damaged by inflammatory arthritis can develop osteoarthritis.

    I don't know whether this helps - the tests you mention, you'd need to get explained by your GP or rheumatology nurse.

    all the best