frogmorton is on her hols

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As you know, our lovely Antoinette has departed these shores for the South of France. God knows why, there's nothing special there. Anyhoo, I have had a number of texts from her today: she is achy after all the travelling, struggling with the weather (29` and sunny), lazing by a pool, supping white grape juice and bored with the telly, 'cos it's all in French. She says she's missing us, and of course she is. She sends her regards to one and all. DD
Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben


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    Hi DD,

    Send my love to Toni and tell her to do as the French do! sleep in day , out at night when its cooler ! everywhere is open practically all night ! Its absolutely fabulous! different way of life so relaxed, good weather, good food, great shops.Why am i here?

    Rose x
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    do not kiss french man tell her they put frogs legs and snails in there mouths yuk
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    I hope she having a lovely time and she enjoying the weather and just being somewhere different, we look forward to hearing how it all went when she gets back.
    sylvia :)stern02.gif
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    apart from the travelling sounds as if she is having a fab time

    hows the french coming on , did she get all your phrases.

    julie pf xx
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    All right for some, since Toni has left we have really crap weather, now just txt her to ask WHERE she is planning to go and WHEN next year and I'll book at the same time, it's meant to be August but it's more like the end of September right now, she knows something we don't and it's not on!!.