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I keep reading about the benefits of exercising in a heating pool for those with RA. I just wondered what temperature heated pool is supposed to be, so would the local swimming baths be warm enough, or should it be more jacuzzi temperature?



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    Hi Rachel

    Most Hydrotherapy pools are around 34-35 degrees centigrade. The warm water is supposed to help the muscles relax which helps people with joint problem exercise easier in the warm water. Hydrotherapy pools with this sort of high temperatures are meant for gentle exercise not intense physical activity. It is important that you drink plenty of water before and after going into such hot water. If the temperature in your local swimming baths is ok for YOU then exercise in water is sill good for you regardless of the temperature. However some people with joint problems find it easier to exercise in warmer water. Just remember the warmer the water the more drained you will feel after so take it easy.

    I hope that helps, Best wishes

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    Thanks Simona,

    I will have a look in my area for something suitable, I have been swimming in my local baths but it never feels very comfortable seems 19 degrees is too cold for me :-)

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    my local baths were to cool for me as caused muscles to go into spasam but some are warmer and small pool usually warmer than large pools
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    Hi Rach, some local pools also have a teaching pool (used mainly by Mums and tots, young children and adult non-swimmers and this is often much warmer than the bigger pool. I used this pool after my op and it really helped my muscles to relax and achieve more. Be careful though it is easy to overdo it. Some special schools also have their own hydro pools and open them to the public - so might be worth making some enquires. Your local physio dept might be able to give you suggestions.

    Hope you find somewhere,


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