Hello from Greece!

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Hello from Greece,

I am glad I found this forum.

My mother and my aunt are both suffering from osteoarthritis. I am eager to read your stories, experiences and how you cope with the disease.

See you at the forum



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    Hello to you! Greece, how lovely. Blue skies, blue sea, warm sun. Golly gosh. Welcome to the forums: we all have our trials and tribulations but we all cope and help and encourage each other through the rough times. Please look at the other forums as that is where people are to be found for the most part. LWA (living with arthritis) deal with the medical side of things, chichat is more lighthearted, the others are self-explanatory. I hope the rellies are well today. DD
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    Hi Mathew

    A warm welcome from me. Your weather must be better than our cloudy cold day here.

    There are a lot of people who suffer from the same form of arthritis as your family members.

    We try to support one another on here with advice and tips. Mostly on LWA.

    We then have the CChat Forum where we relax a little and have a laugh. You will find lots of Threads on there that you may like to answer to.

    Have a look on the Forums and you can see how we try to cope with arthur.

    Trish x
  • valval
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    hi welcome sorry to here that family have oa but glad to have you with us people on here know so much what ever the problem they have great ideas val
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    Hello Mathew
    And a very warm welcome from me, you will find everyone so supportive and very friendly.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon,
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    Hi matthew

    Welcome to the forums from me too :D

    Sorry I am late but was away in France :oops:

    Any issues with your family you want to discuss wang them on the living with arthritis forum and we might be able to help.

    Hope the health service is good in Greece?


    Toni xx

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