back from hols, back on the pills

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Hope you are all feeling ok. I have returned from my long awaited hols in sunny Spain. It was a lovely break, relaxing in the sun. I did a bit of swimming too. The village was beautiful, but very hilly :roll:
For the last few days of holiday and still now my hips are bad as is my back. So I am back on the painkillers and amitriptiline. I feel very groggy today but did get a bit of sleep last night, eventually.
I am back at work on Tuesday, and unfortunately have agreed to go back to my proper hours of long days . I am worried that I will not manage, but don`t want to let people down, or be a moaner! :cry:
On the positive though, i had 2 letters waiting of rme on my return. 2 appointments with 2 consultants, one for each hip!! I now have a replacement consultant for the one who did my THR (he has moved Trusts) so can have my review of my THR. And I have a consultation with the surgeon who has said he will do the PAO on my other hip which has dysplasia . I wait all theis time for an appointment , and 2 come at once like buses!!
I will keep you posted xx


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    Hi Nearly B.
    I'm pleased you enjoyed your holiday.
    and i'm pleased you've got your letters.
    things are moving for you.
    good luck.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi NB nice to have you back :D

    glad you had a good holiday... although paying for it a bit with pain. :(

    when are your two appointments? are they at the same hospital?

    hope you can rest up today and your pain meds & amatrip do the trick and dampen down arther.

  • nearlybionic
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    Hi Iris
    Both appointments are at same hospital but on different days. I need to check with work whether I can go to both. The rotas have been done for September and I`m not sure if they can cover my absence twice. I will find out on Tuesday.
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    Hi NB
    Well things are moving.....
    I know I always suffer after holiday..we will be heading towards The Borders and Scotland....not too far as neither of us fancy sitting in traffic jams....not my idea of a bank holiday. We will do a lot of walking....mostly round shops and things...I know I will suffer but at least if I've enjoyed it it makes a difference....Its when you suffer after over doing the house work LOL LOL LOL that its not so nice :lol:
    Like I said at the beginning things are moving for you....keep us up to date
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    Hi NB

    Glad to hear that things are progressing with regards to your appointments and that you got some sunshine in Spain.

    Keep in touch.

    Marion x
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    Hi NB
    I am so glad you enjoyed your holiday, what I would give for some sun, sorry you have overdone things, but dont we all when enjoying ourselves.
    You try and rest now before work, its good news on the letter front, so we will watch this space.
    Good Luck with both appointments, let us know how you go on.
    Barbara xx
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    Sorry you have come home to having pain.
    Not fare is it.

    Good luck with sorting out your appointments.

    Oh it must have been nice feeling the sun on your back :D

    Lv, Ix