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hello all,

i would like some information, is there anyone on this forum diabetic?

what should do and not do ?

i know someone who taking medication for his diabetes and he eats them very cheep micro meals which i dont think are much good, you cant beat home cooking, he also drinks more than he should and to be honest i wondering if i should mention something to his doctor or should i just let him get on with it.
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    the micro meals ok if he adding fresh veg to them and using whole meal bread.
    how would you feel if some one went behind your back to your doc i am sure you would not like it i know i would not be happy. they do monitor what they are eating and give diet advice so he making his own choices you could always make nice healthy stew and share with him val
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    I would not go behind this person's back to the doctor unless this person was very sick and that is the difference as to when you can say something.

    Besides the doctors might not like discussing it with him unless it is a close family member and they are ill.

    If they ae quite healthy they should be careful not to have sugary foods, Plenty of fresh vegatables and fruit are the best foods to have. No white bread and cakes. It is ok once in a while to have a treat.

    They should also moniter their sugar levels. It depends on how badly they have diabetis they may be on Metaformin tablets to take like my hubby or insulin.

    Trish xx
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    hI there

    I cannot add much more, the advice you've been give is spot on. The doctor won't be able to discuss with you anyway so it's pointless. It's not for you to say anything. I know that you are thinking of his health but we can't do it I'm afraid.

    He will be monitored closely with his diabetes? So any probelms regarding his sugar levels, BP etc will be picked up and dealt with accordingly.

    You are kind to think of his health and wellbeing.

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    Hi Sylvia,

    GP's are used to diabetics not helping themselves. It is a very common problem so it would probably be no use telling the GP. he probably knows anyway.

    Elizabeth x
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    thanks for your help spot on again as always, he dont eat any veg or fruit i think he has white bread, but when its a family member ( brother-law ) you just what to help.
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