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Hi ev1 we are new to the website although my daughter who is 12 yrs old has suffered with JCA since she was 18 mnths old. Over the years her joints have been controlled using Methotrexate & a number of other meds. Up until the past few mnths caitlyn has been pain free & the only problem we have encountered is the eye problems which they cant seem to control, recently my daughter has been in lots of pain they have decided to take her off mycrophentalate & start to inject Adalimumab via Humira injections fortnightly.
It would be nice to speak to anyone else who are having the same experience or if they are on the Adalimumab Humira injection.

thanx all x


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    Hi Netty

    Good to meet you :)

    I am so sorry about poor Caitlyn being poorly :x

    I have no expeerience myself , but there will be people who do I suggest you post a thread on the living with arthritis thread.

    aslo the young persons one does have some Mum's on it too with children with JlA.

    Do keep posting as issues will be similar.


    Toni xx
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    Hello Netty sorry I can't help with your questions but you have come to a good place here. I just found it last week and although people have difering experiences you will find everyone willing to help and offer support. I know it has cheered my a little.

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    Hi netty78, nice to meet you. I am sorry about your daughter - that's tough at her age. I am on humira, I have been for over a year now. It has reduced my inflammation levels to single figures, but I am still in pain, still flare and still have to walk with crutches. These drugs don't often work miracles but I hope it does something good for her. I wish you both well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi Netty

    A very warm welcome from me. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter at such a young age too.

    There are mothers on here who have children suffering from the same complaint. It would be more beneficial for you to talk to them.

    They may be able to give you some advice or tips. Your input may help them as well now you are a member.

    Some post on LWA also Young Peoples Forum might be of help to you.

    We also have the CChat Forum where you can look at and jump in where you want to. Pop in the cafe for a cuppa have a natter.

    I hope ro see you posting soon.

    Love Trish xxx
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    Hi Netty just wanted to give you and your daughter a warm welcome, sorry your daughter has this horrible disease, I hope her pain eases soon. Look forward to your posts.

    Jules x
    ((((hugs)))) n xxxxx to ya all
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    Hello Netty - and a belated "welcome" from me too.

    So, so sorry that Caitlyn has had so much to deal with and I really do help that the Humira helps her.

    Love Tilly x
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    Hi everyone thanx for ur lovely messages.
    Caitlyn has since been reviewed by her docs & she is due to go into hospital today to have a number of joints injected under general anaesthetic :cry:
    The Arthritas has now spread to most of her joints but on the up side she has also started her Adalimumab this week so we are hoping after today we may start to see some improvement. :)

    I will keep u updated Thanx again
    Netty xx