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who was it who posted that lovely music on here a while ago ?

it was lovely is there any change at all to have some more, i hope you dont mind, i just love listening to it, hubby's aunty husband was really good at playing the keyboard he never followed music he could play it and pick it up just like that a rare tallent.


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    Hi 49

    You can go on You Tube and listen to music. If you know the name just type it in and it should come up. You can Google as well.

    You can also type in Verses and it will let you see the words of the song itself

    There are other ways and I think it might have been Joan Lawson who put it on here but not 100% sure

    Trish xx
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    No, I don't think it was me :D
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    Was it Alanmancunian???( even if it wasn't I love the name!!!!)

    Toni xx

    and someone else did too...
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    dont it just anoy you when youre not sure but anyway thats what makes us all different we all like different things
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    Love music too only 49!
    Some days can get completely lost in it!
    The secret is matching the lyrics, melody and the tempo to the mood you find yourself in at that particular moment.
    Lyrics can mean different things at different times!!

    That all sounds a bit deep and meaningful better way to create an atmosphere :lol: *CB*