i so proud

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i had to take D for his check up at the dentist today as he has been there loads of times, today he met a dentist he had never seen before
and was not really prepaired other than just having a check up,
anyway the dentist decided he need to have some plague removed and they normaly do a different way, but he put up with it and i so proud of him it must of been so scary for him, now he knows what its like he should be ok but i will always be there with him and give him loads of praise and hugs, i just had to share that.


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    That is nice to hear only 49.

    He is doing very well. When you are with D he knows you will look after him and he feels safe.

    You are a very good mum to him. I'm glad he is ok.

    Love Trish xxx
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    Share away Sylvia, I know it is lovely with each step our children make.Next time I expect he will cope so much better because he has tried a new thing.
    Well done to D and well done to you....

    Elizabeth :D
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    Awww Sylvia
    Thankyou for sharing this, I love to know how D is doing, tell him he is much braver then me.
    Barbara xx
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    He's definitely much braver than me! Good for him and good for you - you are always there for him.

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    Hi Sylvia

    I am very very proud of him - you know he is doing SO well :D

    He is coping so well with 'change' isnt he? and scary stuff like that?

    Nice to hear good stuff :)


    Toni xx
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    I have skillfully avoided any contact with a dentist for some time now: your lad has my unbounded admiration for his bravery. He is a smashing lad. DD
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    That's great to hear, share as much as you like!

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    Thats brilliant
    My sons last visit to the dentist abruptly ended when he ran out of the door screaming, the time before he bit the dentist....I know he's only small but next time Daddy can take him!
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    thanks everyone

    and nice to see you back again D D.

    i always think that we should always be there for your kids as sometimes they do need us, and i know D trust me and can tell me anything and thats just how it should be, i'm always try to be prepaired with what D throws at me so to speak, but really it easy you just have to stop and think how he might me feeling, and what i think is not scarey he might find it is so its just a case of trying to see things from his side of the fence.
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    Wise words, only49, 'cos his side of the fence is sooo different to yours, but you know your son, you know his triggers - but, let's face it, he's been surprisng you with how he HASN'T reacted to stuff that would upset him before. It's all good. DD
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    Sylvia you are a good mum D trusts you.
    i bet the two of you have a smile on your face.
    take care.joan xx