Family Fortunes

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Funny Family Fortunes answers

Real wrong and funny Family Fortunes answers:

Something made of wool: "Cotton wool.."

A bad place to fall asleep: "Concrete.."

Something you mount: "A mountain.."

A type of bean: "Lesbian.."

A way of toasting someone: "Over a fire.."

A word beginning with Z: "Xylophone.."

A medieval weapon: "Hand-grenade.."

A way to prevent snoring: "Put a pillow over his face.."

A word used to describe a very hot day: "A very hot day.."

Someone who works early hours: "A burglar.."

Something that comes in 7's: "Fingers.."

A boy mentioned in a nursery rhyme: "Little Red Riding Hood.."

Something you hide in your socks when you go swimming: "Your legs.."

Something associated with rain: "Water.."

An animal that lives in the English countryside: "A lion.."

A mode of transport that you can walk in: "Your shoes.."

A musical instrument you can play in the bath: "A drum kit.."

A seaside resort on the south coast: " Rio de Janeiro.."

Something you open other than a door: "Your bowels.."

Something you might do in a power cut: "Read a book.."

Joan :D


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    Oh Joan, I am in tears of laughter here.

    What do you hide in your socks when you go swimming - your legs!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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    My son and I are having a laugh at this. Thanks Joan,

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    Thanks joan

    you have put a smile on my face for the rest of the day

    got the feel good factor now

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    Brilliant - my favourite is:

    Name something green
    - My cardigan

    Nx :D